Japan–Minamata Disease and Is the Past Prologue?

Some of the readers of this blog may well remember the mercury poisoning episodes !  Minamata disease is the Japanese name for the problem!   In order to protect the Japanese seafood industry the problem of mercury poisning was not addressed properly in Japan. Now the seafood industry is again impacted by potential radiation in a major seafood producing area of HONSHU.


Hoping that the distinctions between Public Affairs and Emergency Public Information are observed by the GOJ and TEPO!

So far I am not encouraged by the performance of either TEPO [Tokoyo Electric] and GOJ [Government of Japan] in either conveying accurate or appropriate information.  The evacuation recommendations are a prime example.  Women nearing their delivery dates are going to other prefectures for their later term domicile and delivery.  This is spontaneous or even shadow evacuation of the Japanese population or a portion thereof.

By the way respirators not standard cloth face masks are necessary to protect against airborne radiation.



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