Current Events–My take!

So here goes!  Ignore Libya and focus on Japan. When one of the world’s largest and wealthiest democracies is in trouble that is where the US needs to focus its foreign relations.

Japan is in deep trouble. It economy and culture are threatened by the current catastrophic events.  The issues of the earthquake and tsunami damage are dramatic and overwhelming. The long term bet by Japan on nuclear power looks like a loser. And I firmly believe the nuclear power option may well save the world from choking  to death of fossil fuels.

It now looks like two to five years for Japan to recover from the natural events. It looks like one or two decades to recover from the man-made events.

And Angela Merkel’s bet to extend the life of Germany’s nuclear power plants to 2036 has resulted in a huge defeat in Baden-Wurtenburg by-election and her long term political position. I am predicting that a huge shift in German politics is about to occur with a distinct rightwards shift.  Perhaps in Japan also.

These two countries are potentially very dynamic in their policies and foreign relations but have labored under the inkstain of WWII for 75 years. That is about to change IMO.

And in this country it is clear that the forthcoming government shut down will be labeled a win for the right unless somehow it ends up with arousing the fury of those in the USA who understand the implications for the USA and the world of a totally incompetent political leadership in both major parties and a dynamic being set free that has not been seen before in the USA.  It is my belief that authoritarian politicians are on the rise world wide as events seem to spin out of control.

We could see the first Flag Rank retired officer on either parties ticket in the USA for the first time since Eisenhower unless you count Ross Perot’s selection of an Admiral as running mate.


The people are looking for answers and distrust science and technology.  The long battle between faith and reason looks to me like another round going to faith! A new dark age?

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  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    It is interesting to take note of the reported first clandestine meeting between Isser Harel who was head of Mossad and Reinhard Gehlen, then president of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service known to most as andother “triple letter club” as – BND!
    Gehlen was reportedly Chief Nazi spy in Hitler’s Wehrmacht Foreign Armies East, a remarkable meeting described by teh select few as the BND was reporteldy filled with Nazis! These Nazis were said to go underground and as a result, the “imperialist” European Union established and of course more clarity as to the importance of the Lisbon Treaty/European Constitution —

    Now read: Hosea 5:13 – “When Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his wound, then went Ephraim to the Assyrian, and sent to King Jareb: yet could he not heal you, nor cure you of your wound. The continued peace pact between Germany and Israel, its intelligence sharing and unfortunately when one reads: Ezekiel 23, “Wherefore I have delivered her into the hand of her lovers, into the hand of the Assyrians, upon whom she doted – verses 9.12 – which tells us of a diplomatic double cross by the deceitful of the German led EU and the Vatican as they unleash the seventh and last crusade!

    The quest for Jerusalem in the natin referred to in Biblical scripture known as Judah is a long historical struggle by both the Vatican led German EU members and the Iranians who are well acknowledged as leading the charge of the the Islamic fundamentalists who will inflict a stunning and paralyzing blow to much of the Middle East as we saw just the beginnings of tensions for on 2nd February, the German state of Hesse banned civil servants from wearing the burka and further comment clearly stated as the Burka is seen as “hostlie to Western values!” This is only the beginning of Germany and an eventually ten (10) nation EU composition stronly responding to any incursion of Islam! It is only the beginning….

    The Port of Gibralter is endangered….From Tunisia, Sicily sits only about 150 miles away….Also, recall the fact that 2-3 mln bbls of oil are shipped via the Suez Canal…think about this! As we see the transition of a moderate Turkey move towards more support of Iran, keep a very close eye on Cyprus as the EU takes over this very strategic location! In fact, we have heard from the leaders in Europe that “multicultualism” in Europe has been a blatant failure and the future of necessary shipping routes are at jeopardy –

    Certainly expect new leadership in Germany as William Cumming also suggests will soon wage war against the Radical Muslim — while here in the US, more and more tenstion both politically and economically will provoke protests and even riots on the streets of America as never seen before….

    Be weary of the new elected German leadership, it will not be duped!

    Oh, this story goes on and it is quite clearly a depiction of deceitful.

    Christopher Tingus

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