I guess reading about the Chinese offer to Poland to fund and build their critical infrastructure including roads, railways, and airports startled me into thinking that maybe the Germans won’t have a lock on what happens West of the Urals this century.

As a baseline the BBC does better on this link than I could:

Have fun!

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  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Poland and many countries whether presently a member of the German led EU or not will find increasingly failing budgetary woes and with War breaking out in the Middle East with the German fast deployment Army and the “Brutes of Tehran” leading the Islamic fundamentalist “charge” against the Vatican’s seventh and last crusade, I do not see China getting so involved in eastern Europe as the “KGB Putinites” who will later foorm an alliance w/China do not want the Chinese in the region —

    As an international commodities trader for many years engaged in trading commodities spanning all continents, while I am in tears as I see my beloved America besieged not from AQ or the Taliban, but by the special interest groups, the “hoars” of big business and big government where by this present “Goldman Sachs” administration and its deceitful ways will bring the demise to what once stood with Bible in one hand as a Judeo-Christian nation and the Constitution! Now, here we shall see riots, much despair and the smug smiled Pelosi and Mr. Barney as well as hank paulsen et al and the $100 billion being printed in fed notes every month to keep the USA afloat – not for long and with it as it quickly transforms into a third world nation with its citizens, yes — you and I here on “Main Street USA”enslaved” by pverty and dependence on big government dictating to us how we shall live our Life!

    The Chinese building roads and charging the tolls for their construction, I just don’t see it as vessels begin to see disruptions in the Mediterannean, the Suez, prices skyrocket with never mind gasoline here on Main Street USA being $8-10 per gallon, but a gallon of milk $10!

    Eight sitting Presidents, 19 Congresses and guess what, no US domestic energy policy and ya know why cuz the hoars of big business dictated and we have prostituted our great nation, our beloved nation to those whose campaign promises are broken as soon as they pledge to serve the public and soon find all the corprations and all the sepcial interest groups and their one self-agenda far more important than seeking smaller government, defending the Constitution and tightening the belt as well as making very difficult decisions as well as taking no crap from any nation whatsoever, especially the Islamic fundamentalists — as well as the Vatican whose quest to cntrol Jerusalem and hatred towards one another which dates back in time centuries will lead to World War III very son unless all repent and open their history boks and see what War brings, the pain, the suffering…

    We do not need nor want a “global order” to dictate its agenda, what we need is a world where we see such beligerent men turn down their swords and strive in every way to understand their dysfunctions towards the neighbor’s stone wall which Grandparent in most cases built from stone, but in this 21st century, such stones must be overturned and respect fr one another, allwing another dignity, sharing respect and cmpassion even if differing perspectivesd prevail, not killing innocent “creations” of our Lord who created such beauty in each of us and to repent for the weakness of man in his sinful ways —

    God Bless America for America has been willing to stand against those willing to conduct and/or condone dastardly acts against another and with God seeing all!

    Let us clasp hands and begin to see us, yes, each of us distinctive from another however very much like one another – whether it is the Vatican and its devious ways or the clerics using Islamic verse and teachings to mainpulate the good intent to harm another with no human having the right to make judgements, to kill in cold blood…all must cease yesterday for We are in great peril and this absurdity and lack of intellect among men must cease yesterday – yes, Israel will exist and Jerusalem will never be in the hands of the “Brutes of Tehran” as I refer to these thugs who kill a young woman with rich Persian blood spilling oon the streets of Tehran or the Vatican and the German-led EU soon to rid themselves of the ill economies of neighbors and compress the EU participatioon to only 10 nations, all dependent on Germany’s war machine, its fast deployment armies, its shny new battleships in the Mediterannean –

    Heed the warnings, the destructive tsunami, God, our Creator who weeps to see such disharmony among men — no, I do not see the Chinese yet in Poland, yet later, I see a strong Chinese Army with millions overrunning Europe after the Europeans have crushed the Muslim – what saddness – what devious men, what devilish ways mankind, humanity in its selfish mannerisms pull darkness one again over the promises of mankind, his hopes, his aspirations, his kindness, his Loving ways – oh, do we weep! Oh, does the Lord weep!

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645

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