Predictions–Gut feelings not even at level of intuition!

Okay here goes!

By the 4th of JULY this year:

1. Greece will have declared bankruptcy and reneged on its debt obligations.

2. The Japanese will still be mounting a major effort to decontaminate Miyagi Prefecture.

3. The Major Party candidates for the 2012 Presidential election will include as many women as men.

4. The US will have ground troops in Libya and a sub-Saharan African country.

5. Four more US Senators will have announced they are not running for the Senate in 2012.

6. Three members of the current Obama Cabinet will resign.

7.  A famous political couple will announce their divorce.

8.  Mark Assange will have had charges by Sweden dropped.

9.  The NOBEL PEACE PRIZE will be awarded to an Asian.

10. Goldman Sachs will have some of its leadership indicted.

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