Japan–Three weeks into the Catastrophe!

Well the phrase “a long hard slog” does not just apply to warfare. And by the way a NATO figleaf now covers the naked position of the OBAMA Administration in Libya. Also the rebels/insurgents have made little progress despite the US air campaign.

Back to Japan! We still are not getting accurate information from Japan or TEPO [Tokyo Electric Power]!

What do we know? The Japanese government has announced that none of the 4 reactors with cooling systems destroyed will ever reopen to generate power. We also know that the Japanese Nuclear Catastrophe now looking like it will leave the two other historic events for peacetime nuclear power in the dust.

And one nice footnote, the Coca Cola Company is rapidly converting all coke production in Japan to fresh drinking water to meet demand. Also may add S. Korean production.

And yes ground water contamination now confirmed and unusually high radiation readings well out from the evacuation perimeter!

Oh and did I mention that the HOUSE MEMBERS in yesterday’s hearing asked Administrator Fugate not a single tough question according to reliable reporters.


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