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KI As Prophylactic in Japan and US!

Someone I know quite well wrote the following letter to the NY Times and it was of course published! Peter Crane fought for KI distribution both while employed by NRC and post-employment. An honorable man and dedicated civil servant now … Continue reading

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Why not just Assassinate MQ?

Well it looks like NATO is now the US fig leaf in Libya! But why not just assassinate the Libyan leader I refer to as MQ since numerous spellings of his name exist. For one possible reason see below: The … Continue reading

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More on the President’s Warpowers!

In a follow-on to the March 21st earlier post on the President’s War Powers  Steve Aftergood of FAS [Federation of American Scientists] writes in his blog Secrecy News: NO-FLY ZONES: CONSIDERATIONS FOR CONGRESS The decision to impose a no-fly zone … Continue reading

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The Sinews of Preparedness Continued!

Almost by accident I had the document below pointed out to me by one of the authors! Go Some may remember the Project for National Security Reform completed in 2008!  I wish I had been aware of this document … Continue reading

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This publication is incorporated by reference into both NRC and FEMA regulations. NRC at 10 CFR Part 50 and FEMA at 44 CFR Part 350! I believe I have referred to the so-called Rasmussen Report several times on this blog. … Continue reading

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Guidance For STATES and Their Local Governments by CDC

A March 23rd release from HHS/CDC in the form of 150 pp of guidance to States and their local governments on public health looks excellent. After all since the US continues to insist that Public Health is really a state … Continue reading

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National Flood Insurance Program Reform

House Moving Forward on Flood Insurance Reform The House Financial Services Subcommittee overseeing Insurance will hold a hearing on April 1 to obtain the views of FEMA on the legislative proposals to reform the National Flood Insurance Program. The panel’s … Continue reading

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