US Coast Guard Self-Assessment on BP Catastrophe

In a brutal self-assessment the US Coast Guard has given itself a D- grade on its GOM performance!  Please see:

I have long advocated that the Coasties funding and staffing should be doubled.  What really disturbs me about the event is that the long term scientific and engineering R&D to capture and incorporate lessons learned probably will not be done by the US as its budget problems continue. We are seeing now a savaging of not just preparedness capability in the US but destruction of any real chance at preventing long term environmental damage, and damaging efforts to promote resilience and sustainability of the US in the long run–meaning to make it without more catastrophic problems to the end of this century.

Perhaps a new GREEN party would be helpful as Independents clearly have no patience with the Republicans and Dems who have pretty much forfeited the future of the USA.


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2 Responses to US Coast Guard Self-Assessment on BP Catastrophe

  1. christopher tingus says:

    From the first few hours after the devastating earthquake in Haiti to a long term commitment to muster “experts” and valuable equipment to address this horrendous corporate negligence to humanity as well as sea life, US response by well respected and trained military led by Southern Command and the US Coast Guard respectively should very much be applauded! We are proud of those serving this nation and those We see in peril, in despair, yet executive and congressional response, the same ‘ol, same ‘ol ineptness in the portrayal of any meaningful leadership….

    I certianly do concur with this gentleman, William Cumming who has repeatedly called for mre funding of our vigilant US Coast Guard in this time when We here on Main Street USA no loonger worry what Life children here in the good ‘ol USA will encounter, but what our challenges as we clearly see this beltway charade continue —

    My new one man campaign holding sign which reads: “Go Green: Recycle Congress and the White House!”

    Christopher Tingus

    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645

    • Mark Lewack says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with my beloved Coast Guard’s self-assessment of the response. The preparation and response were not only inadequate, both were belabored by politics from all sides of the issue of Gulf Of Mexico Offshore Drilling and Production and local “me first” grandstanding. To say that environmental planning and response have taken a backseat to Homeland Security and Law Enforcement / Interdiction is an understatement. But this is nothing new, so we shouldn’t be surprised when a report like this comes out, nor should we be surprised at the findings of other investigatory, industry, and independent bodies. Some of whom were tame by comparison.

      As for the future of environmental response, supervision of offshore drilling, and enforcement of environmental regulations, I expect all three to be met with increased vigilance, but at the expense of other concerns.

      Furthermore, America’s Guardians of the Seas and America’s Harbors, my beloved Coast Guard, cannot effectively manage multiple super-priorities without additional manpower and funding for these programs. It has had to pursue these super-missions (while maintaining its core/historical functions, e.g. Search and Rescue, Waterways Safety, etc.) , one at a time in the past, it’ll probably do so again with ever-shrinking budgets (due to the economic meltdown of the present).

      If I were able to muster clearer and more precise thinking at this time, I could cite numerous examples that occurred during my 30+ years with the Coast Guard. History repeats itself, over and over again, in many ways.

      I look forward to your comments, Bill (and others). You have articulated well in the past.

      Mark Lewack (MSTCS, ret. )

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