Japan Past First Month in Crisis!

Notice how soon the MSM leaves the scene of disasters. Haiti! New Zealand! Well now less than 150 days until a decade will have passed since 9/11/01! There are at least 10 spectacularly interesting books and long articles that will be apprearing discussing that period and its impacts on the USA. ON another blog–HLSWatch.com I have suggested in that decade starting on 9/11/01 as a 1 with 10 being the highest level achieveable in domestic civil preparedness, despite organizational changes and the expenditure of $500 billion dollars, the USA has moved from a 1 to a 2 on the scale of preparedness. The issuance of PPD-8 on March 30th will all of its key deadlines well past 9/11/11 should tell US how much needs to be done.

So compare Japan with just one month in from the largest disaster/catastrophe in its history of that interesting Island Nation-State. It will be forever changed from the events of that last month. I would argue that so far PTS [Post Traumatic Stress] has now encompassed most of the leadership of Japan. Data and information is still being manipulated to pretend this event is not going to impact Japan and perhaps even the world for the next two decades.  Japan’s economic future has changed overnight.  While still too early to have an accurate picture I believe that Japan will fall within this decade to the bottom of the top ten world economies. WOW!

IN the meantime the evacuation and exclusion zones expand with evidence that that expansion will be be permanent for next 3 decades.

And if you are traveling to Japan probably should have your recently calibrated personal dosimeter.

Good luck to the Japanese people. The world need’s your wisdom and energy. But it also needs you to be honestly assessing this huge event.

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A Month After the Earthquake, the Crisis Continues and the Questions Mount

By Krista Mahr

One month after Japan was devastated by a massive quake and tsunami, the questions are mounting: Why have officials waited so long to finalize the death toll? Why did the Prime Minister wait over three weeks to visit the disaster zone? And what’s next?


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One Response to Japan Past First Month in Crisis!

  1. christopher tingus says:

    Breaking News: 11th April 2011 — Interest rates in the EU now on the rise!

    Inflation, devaluation in the dollar or fed reserve note as I refer to resulting in ever higher oil and energy costs here on “Main Street USA” the real political party of “We the People” where gold is reaching to a minimum of $2500 sooner than you expect and the ensuing news of Barry of course with his one term Presidency which I refer to as the “Goldman Sachs” administration, well, you bet a gallon of milk will rise to $11, yes…$11 and gold exceeding $5,000 and guess what, We here on “Main Street USA” under siege from within, an executive branch and congressional idiots who should all be tried for treason!

    Japan and preparedness — Never mind Japan at the bottom of the pile, at least its people will remain intact as a culture, a nation while the good ‘ol USA flounders further and the Goldman Sachs flag is hoisted! Preparedness, tsunami, earthquake…from my perspective, maybe the volcanic landslide in the Canary Islands should be initiated by the US offiials and get that 200 ft tsunami wave rolling 3,000 miles westward at 500 miles an hour and take the east coast and all of us with it for I fear the alternative, the reality of despair, the suffering We already see here with the bankers kicking out people from their home who should get a nod of approval on their mortgage loan modifications, stringing them along well past their three month requirement to inform consumers of their loan decisions and families, kids being thrown to the gutter — people who can actually now afford their homes and mortgage payment in a house which is under water nt from a tsunami, but from the cooruptive ways of bankers and a very corrupt government led by a fella from Chicago, a community organizer of sorts, having no knowledge or his WH staffers how to manage and a mere orator at the pulpit for Lucifer, yes, Goldman Sachs et al and the story of how is methodically dismantled the USA and you and I permitted all this, yes you did…How dare you?

    First responders are now threatened even more so by local budget cuts. Calls for the federal government to fund local firefighters and police officers fallen to deaf ears. Now we are bankrupt, not once, but $14 trillion + times and “bonuses” are being thrown about at JP/Chase, at Lucifer’s Goldman Sachs, etc.

    This our watch! We here on “Main Street USA” hoodwinked! Yes, hoodwinked! The American flag, the nation, our beloved Republic under siege from the German-led EU and the international conspirators in the banking circles, our US Constitution….muster your guns, clasp hands and heart together for we here on “Main Street USA” hoping in futility thaat the campaign slogans of Barry and Deval with “change” as their elitists theme…well, no need to worry about any change in our poocket, its gone, our houses are being taken away, people we know, even ourselves are getting hungrier and hungrier and the extra pounds in obesity which we packed on, well, despite what the experts say about America’s obsession w/food, w/prices of food and milk skyrocketing, we may stay alive that much longer for the “real story” is unfolding —

    We are s unprepared. Unprepared in so many ways. God Bless the good people in Haiti still in tattered tent and hurricane season to start 1st June. God Bless the wonderful people of Japan who have taken to the streets in protest! God Bless America and our Red, White and Blue flag which we wrap ourselves in and unfortunately those we “entrust” by our precious vote, our trust of those pledging themselves to public service….we are now destined for pain, much pain, not by Bin Laden whose picture is still on the Wild West poster good ‘ol George showed us with the possee losing its own way, not AQ, not the local Taliban fellas, not the famoud Hawk and Hamas as puppets to the “Brutes of Tehran” – not the”KGB Putinites” who will attempt once again to black mail the EU, yet the Assyrians soon to downsize to ten nations only and with the ever powerful and political Vatican raise its hand to Islam and renew its long battle in teh duel between Christianity and Islam in the quest to control Jerusalem…read your history…

    Preparedness….we here on “Main Street USA” in our genuine goodness, the most charitable people in the world, our forefathers who fled the King whose debt ceiling was allowed to skyrocket and the surfs gone broke…their ship sailed, but it is not our children and grandchildren who We here on “Main Street USA” we now worry about when we look around for we know full well that when we call 911 in the not-so-distant future, there will be no one coming…We in America, destitute, all alone, paralyzed as we witness Biblical verse become reality for we have foresaken what the Lord asked of us and his hand removed from us for our inability to repent, to understand the reality that this Judeo-Christian nation, once so Blessed by our Creator, scorned by the so called preacher Wright and his followers advocating the Right too take up nuclear weapon, the same whoe dastardly acts decided the fate and allowed rich Persian blood to fall on the streets of Tehran, my front porch flag is turned upside down depicting the fragile state of this once great Union, a natin is distress, quite unprepared and vile at its core led by Lucifer and none other – God help us all!

    May you rest in Peace! All of what you see and Will see and feel has been allowed by your dysfunction, your apathy, your outright bigotry and selfishness…your ignorance! How dare you place our first responders at risk, our family, our neighbors, our beloved nation, the loss of transpareny, the self-fulfilling needs of fellow humanity where some 1 billion fellow humans, young and old have no access to even a clean glass of water and you have allowed eight sitting Presidents and nineteen Coongresses in this once great nation to maniuplate you with their corporate special interest cohorts with no “national energy policy” in place after all these years…How dare you complain as yur stomach becomes more and more empty, You allowed it and again, froom local, to state to Barry’s “Gooldman Sachs” riddled administratioon, you cared only about yourself at the demise of country and family!

    Pick up yur Bible, read Daniel Chapter 11 verse 40-44 and the read every word for it is the words of the Lord which may inspire you to recall a gvernment which is no better than any other man-made government since Babylon with greed and lust, Lucifer’s foremost qualities which has caused every government, no matter what form, to fail!

    Prepare for War and its evils. The German led EU fast deployment Armies and Islam will rais their sword and cnflagration will soon engulf the Middle East and with inflation, interest rates soaring, it is not the esteemed Roubini’s “double-dip” we will encounter, but the soup lines and maybe a piece of bread here on “Main Street USA” which will only afford the minimum of sustenance….


    Christopher Tingus
    “Bibles With Love”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645 USA

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