Yet the STATES were powerful enough to gain two important long term considerations on the future of the US. And first understand that direct election of Presidents is not what the system is in the US but instead the rather undemocratic Electoral College.  One of the reasons I think President Obama will be retired in 2013 is the Electoral College and cannot foresee him winning again given the defection of Virginia and North Carolina that he won in 2008 and the outcome of the reapportionment for taking into account the 2010 Census.

I have long believed that only candidates from the South or West of the US can win the Presidency but of course President Obama did just that but largely because of the large turnout of black votes–instead of the usual 5-7% of eligible black voters turning out in 2008 16% of eligible black voters voted–and over 90% of black voters turned out for Obama. WAPO has published its estimate that 57% of white voters nationwide voted for candidate McCain and Palin.

So what were the long term “wins” of the states?  First the so-called “great compromise” wherein even the small states got two US Senators. Thus, approximately 14% of the population controls the fate of the other 86%.  WOW!

Second the STATES control how federal officeholders are elected and run the ballot boxes. WE see evidence of problems continuously including currently in Wisconsin a state regarded as a “good government” state by most at least until recently.   Robert Caro’s first volume on LBJ “The Rise to Power” pretty much concludes that “Landslide Lyndon” stuffed the ballot box by his winning margin of 48 votes in his first election to Congress. The fact that FDR favored Lyndon as his successor is sometimes overlooked.

At any rate short of a Constitutional Convention and change of the above–and note the voting process for federal officials could be federalized IMO short of Constitutional change–this is our current system.

Thus giving a reference to a wonderful article IMO by Professor Sam Clovis on federalism that I commend to all involved in Emergency Management and Homeland Security!


file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Bill Cumming/Desktop/Homeland Security Affairs Abstract – Federalism, Homeland Security and National Preparedness A Case Study in the Development of Public Policy.htm

Hoping this link works.  More directly you can go to HSAJ! Homeland Security Affairs Journal.   The article appeared in 2006!

I also commend to readers Lincoln’s analysis of the slavery issue in his February 1859 speech at Cooper-Union before his election before the Civil War [War between the States?] and before adoption and ratification of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. Some would argue the Civil War overturned the Constittutioni!  I do not!

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One Response to FEDERALISM

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    A very important discussion at a time when the Constitution has been in the sights of so many eagerly seeking its redraft…and States bankrupt in the millions with this “Goldman Sachs” administration with its ever widening deficit depicted by exponential numbers to soon seen departing the WH rather quickly! Never in the history of the great Republic has it been under siege from so many diferent directions. States are usurping Rights which are not theirs for the taking and Constitutional experts are worrisome as this President and so many make every effort to circumvent and if possible, amend what is at the core of this nation!

    God Bless America!

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”

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