We are now into the start of the second rainy season since the earthquake in January 2010.  Incidence of polio, cholera, and other disease is again increasing. By the time President Obama either leaves office on January 20, 2013 or starts his second term well over 500K people will have died in Haiti either during the earthquake or from factors deriving from it increasing mortality and morbidity in the nation-state. The elections for President have resulted in a President with musical talent and background, a professed populist  with no history in governance. WEll time will tell how the events of the Haitian Earthquake are viewed. DHS triumphs its help to Haiti largely relying on the visa waiver program now expired that allowed Haitians already in the US to stay longer. Little actual humanitarian assistance was provided by the US which even now pretends that a fully functioning government exists in Haiti.  And still no discussion in MSM of Cuban and Chinese assistance operating full time in Haiti.


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