JAPAN and its Recovery!

I think with the passage of five weeks it is now safe to conclude some evidence of Japan’s difficult road to recovery has not yet really begun.

First, dead bodies continue to be uncovered and discovery occurs daily of new victims.

Second, radioactive release both atmospheric  and in water continues although periodically abated.

Transportation and other lifelines have not yet been restored  and workarounds are still necessarily daily.

Fourth, mountains of debris have yet to be officially tackled.

Fifth, evacuees are still in public shelters in large numbers. Housing future is uncertain.

Sixth, GOJ still is in denial about evacuation perimeter and whether a no-go zone will be permanent.

Seventh, supply chain disruption is being noted increasing in the US and elsewhere.

Eight, political fallout and criticism of GOJ is increasingly evident.

Ninth, TEPO is on life support with GOJ investing in 10%  of all outstanding TEPO stock.

Tenth, Japan is still in denial about long term recovery but has at least begun to look at recovery issues and planning. Still no real product however.

I thought immediately after the event that GOJ would have made clear its approach to recovery by Memorial Day in the USA but  now think maybe not by Labor Day.


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