STATES and Their Local Governments!

Well shortly a law will be enacted providing a budget for the rest of the FY 2011 that expires September 30th. Basically both sides postponed victory or defeat for the next round that concerns the FY 2012 budget and the increase in the debt limit necessary sometime in the next 120 days.

Has there been winners and losers so far. Well a direct 13% reduction in the EPA budget authority would seem to make EPA the biggest loser in the Executive Branch.

Although FEMA and DHS FY 2011 budget was not reduced by much there is some evidence that DHS support to STATES and their local governments underwent some cuts and almost one decade post 9/11/01 direct financial support to the STATES and their local government is viewed as no longer a necessary ingredient to the same level for HOMELAND SECURITY and EM.  This is true even as the STATES and their local governments approach the level of having cut HS and EM by 1/3 since late 2007! This will force the federal government to decide by fall whether the underlying concept of “national” response as reflected in the newly issue PPD-8 is a valid paradigm.

Based on my knowledge of studies, books, and articles that will be appearing over the next 120 days documenting US efforts post-9/11/01 I believe a consensus will develop that  a wrong approach was adopted by the US domestically and internationally on homeland security and homeland defense.  It would be hard for me to determine which path domestically was more wasteful—widespread adoption in DHS of the DOD culture and contractors or the inability of the STATES and their local governments even with federal assistance to boost their long-term EM and HS capability.


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