An Influential GAO Report on Duplications and overlaps!

Somehow did not take the time to review the report that is linked here:

It was cited by the Heritage Foundation in their report linked in my previous post on this blog.

Federal programs, functions and activities are supported by fiscal/budget codes in the annual appropriations acts. I always assumed someone was document duplications and overlaps in these programs, functions, and activities and various Congressional committees understood when they were creating such overlaps.  But apparently after 1982 when a massive all-government Omnibus authorization and appropriation act became law under President Reagan [this undermined the power of the various authorization committees] this was not being done by the committees themselves. Now GAO has a statutory mandate to do so. Even now this report may gain real significance if it becomes a driver by the Obama Administration in its reorganization efforts.

As I understand its implications will be posting more on this new annual GAO report. Hopefully GAO will document each year what happened to identified duplications and overlaps in the past year.  I do note that few DOD overlaps are noted for example the fact that the US has at least 5 air forces.


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