What are the BRICS countries?  Go to:

This group may owe quite a bit historically to the USA but now it is an attempt, properly from my viewpoint, to create a countervailing power group to the USA.   My justification would be the erratic nature of short and long term USA policy formulation and strategy. I would also argue that only two are democracy oriented, but barely.

All except Russia have huge populations. And they are rapidly growing. Russian population is in rapid decline. Both for public health, environmental and lifestyle choices.  Warnings to NOT adopt Russian children due to fetal alcohol poisoning are still in place. FEW white Americans adopt children from the BRICS, and with the Chinese precluding adoption of female babies this block is pretty much in place with only Russia as an exception. Many many Americans trace their heritage to Russia and China and India but few do to S. Africa or Brazil. And black Americans seldom adopt formerly domestically or internationally.

The advantage of INDIA of course is that English is the language of the dominant class and to enter you must speak english. South Africa of course also has a political and economic class that is English speaking. Brazil is Portugese in origins and language.  Note that South Africa is not the largest AFRICAN nation-state–that is Nigeria which recently became majority Muslim.

It will be interesting to watch the BRICS develop various economic and political links. Personally I think Russia east of the URALS this time next century may well not be Russian.   German and Russian economic links forge tighter and tighter and probably would be even closer without the presence of the obsolete NATO.  The Libyan intervention will prove how obsolete NATO is as a military alliance. The Han Chinese cross the Russian border into Siberia in large numbers each month.

So this will be interesting to watch play out.


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One Response to The BRICS

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Unfortunately, the twists and turns about to take place with respect to global politics and economics will forge some really interesting relationships. Stay tuned! The conflagration throughout the Middle East will be the shock and awe humanity has never seen…

    Business is boming in Brazil! The products in substantial quantity are more and more destined for Chinese port! The Brics have dne well, however as we saw today something less than confidence in the good ‘ol USA credit rating w/markets reflecting so and a Treasurer staunch in his position that Congress will raise the debt ceiling.

    The German led EU w/support by the Vatican will not tolerate Islamic fundamentalism in its neighborhoods. It will not allow the “Brutes of Tehran” to win this contest to control Jerusalem! These “Bric” countries will play an even more significant role as we go forward. As time marches on and we see the US and the Brits more and more perplexed, watch the “KGB Putinites” and yes, the Chinese develop a much more closer relationship….

    There is much more to discuss, so let’s hear from others and sharing their perspectives!

    Christopher Tingus

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