BP Catastrophe–Legal Redux or Pas de Du[e]x or Trois or ?

Well the one year mark since the catastrophe passes. BP has through US tax code and its credits and deduction largely shifted its first year costs to the US taxpayer.

And with BP filing suits and cross-claims against other entities involved and all filing cross-claims and counter-claims against each other in the federal district court in NOLA this legal puzzle and dance will easily go on the two decades that EXXON occuppied time in federal court over the VALDEZ spill.

I won’t live to see the outcome and perhaps that alone indicates that BP may yet survive despite my prediction of their corporate demise and bankruptcy.

Additionally we have no status report on the civil suit by the US against BP or whether a criminal suit will be filed.    Stay tuned.


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One Response to BP Catastrophe–Legal Redux or Pas de Du[e]x or Trois or ?

  1. Chrstopher Tingus says:

    Without doubt, there will be another oil spill as great and the same corrupt ways will coontinue allowed a pass by the same we entrust to serve us and protect the Constitution all at peril!

    Look at the GM fiasco, see the government grasping for every embrace to enslave us to dependency on the federal government. Corporate greed rampant, hugh bonuses offered and very little transparency froom the boardroom to the WH executive office which I refer to as the “Goldman Sachs” ops center!

    The reality to all this charade w/with eight sitting Presidents and nineteen Congresses, no, there is no energy policy! The bottom line, BP can pass the costs along to us here on Main Street USA, however guess what..we’re broke too!

    Christopher Tingus

    Executive Director
    “Go Green, Recycle Congress and the ‘Goldman Sach’s White House!'”

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