Some Idle Speculation!

Okay here goes!  By Labor Day [not Memorial Day] the following events will have occurred forcing speculation about what has been accomplished since 9/11/01 and the prospects for the Obama Administration should they get a second term!  No insider knowledge claimed.

First!  By Labor Day the Republican Presidential field will be set. And Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty will not be on the Republican ticket but perhaps the TP ticket.

Second!  The Iraqi government will NOT ask the USA to stay around so the military withdrawal will be accomplished but still unknown is extent of USA mission post withdrawal of combat forces. This of course will lead to civil war in Iraq throughout next years USA Presidential election allowing the spear throwers for each party to try and pin the tale on the donkey.  And notice the new catchword is MENA standing for Middle East and N. Africa. By Labor Day MQ   will have departed Libya, SALEH will have departed Yemen, and ASSAD will have departed Syria.  And the so-called Arab Spring will have ended. No further changes in current leadership will occur. The Presidential election in Egypt will be scheduled.  No change in Bahrein, Jordan, Morrocco, Algeria, Egypt, any of the Gulf Shiekdoms, and Kuwait, and certainly not Saudi Arabia. USA policy towards Israel will continue as before. And the USA will call it quits for Afghanistan but after 2016!

Third!  All world wide will understand that for the very first time a nation-state of some size and importance has faced a catastrophe that will change its people, its politics, and its economy forever!

Fourth! Housing sales both residential and multifamily will have collapsed further both new and resale. The Obama Administration will have announced its intent to merge FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, and FHA. The rest of HUD will be headed elsewhere.

FIFTH! The consensus will have formed that DHS has not worked out as intended. Thus, a potential free-for-all for reorganization will be proposed but not happen until the next administration.

Sixth:  At least 20 major books and articles on the decade following 9/11/01 in the USA will appear  after the 4th of July. Some will be devastating to those who made policy after 9/10/01 and even now.

Seventh:  Still looking good for four Cabinet resignations by Labor Day!

Eighth: Wikileaks will have helped Ron Paul to destroy the fiction that the FED knows what it is doing–especially about energy issues and housing.

Ninth: China and Taiwan will be removed from issues over which the US will have some sway.

Tenth: Gas prices domestically will be over $5.50 per gal.

Hey you heard it here first. Guesses of course.

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1 Response to Some Idle Speculation!

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Wow! What a terrific post!

    The present “Goldman Sachs” administration will be ousted and the Chicago community organizer will have done enough dirty deeds to place this beloved nation in much peril!

    The Middle East will be led into War by the “Brutes of Tehran” and begin NOW putting your rations on the shelf and as gold reaches $2500+ – US federal reserve (fiat) currency becomes the new peso! A 92 year old silver star US Army hero told me this morning how he recalls approaching a small German town which had just been bombed and walking past a burning building and townspeople rushing int the bakery on the first floor taking the bread from the ovens! The soup lines along Washington Street Boston and everwhere Main Street USA! Protect yourself and family and demand that your local community store food, water and beds ….

    Tomorrow, turn your front porch flags upside down portraying the present and future “distress” the crisis our beloved Republic is being challenged not from AQ or the Taliban, but by a partisan Congressional membership which is best represented by the last eight sitting Presidents and 19 Congresses which could not even compose a comprehensive national energy policy —

    Your wisdom and insight are very much appreciated, however all will be far worse than anyone can perceive! Keep the Constitution and our second Amendments Rights close to your vest….We are under siege….

    God Bless America1

    Christlopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645

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