That Ancient Chinese Curse-To Live In Interesting Times

There is another warning about beware that you get that which you wish for. Well US now has a dead Usama Bin Laden (UBL hereinafter) and what does that portend for the future. No one really knows but it may open opportunities for US foreign policy and relations that have not existed since 9/10/01! Time will tell. What we (USA) now does know is that the rise of AQ and its continued support and maintenance largely exists from two Islamic nation-states–Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.   Not Afghanistan, Iraq, or the rest of MENA [Middle East North Africa] although clearly it has supporters outside Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.  So will the Administration now address the two sources of radical Jihadism or give them a pass?  I don’t know but that is the debate that should be going on in USA power elites including Presidential aspirants.   Notice by my focus I seem to be giving Iran a pass!  The issues there and in Turkey are very very different and will also be dynamic in the next period of time before the 2012 election. Note that both those countries are heavily exposed to massive earthquakes not just of the political variety.

There is increasing evidence that Japan is blowing its response and recovery efforts as we wind up week seven (7) since that shattering event. And Haiti now expecting massive new outbreaks of Cholera as we enter the rainy season.

We know for a fact that the cafe society known largely as the EU is under huge stress and has an unknown future for its currency that never was designed for a situation where de facto US dollar devaluation occurs daily. Wall Street is now the center of flight capital in the world fleeing as fast as it can from the US dollar and US investments with an utterly clueless FED Chairman and Treasury Secretary both announcing they want a strong dollar that destroys their creds given their actual policies. And the STATES and their local governments are now massively in distress with the lucky ones experiencing historic levels of tornadic and flooding activity thus becoming eligble for federal dollars.

Note that for the first time even in a public affairs release FEMA has defended the turndown for wildfires and drought in TEXAS on the basis of all the declarations and grants given that state in the last several years. Perhaps repetitive disasters will now be the basis for turndowns but that is not something that is contained in the Robert T. Stafford Act just as repetitive losses are not included as a basis for claim denial in the NFIP also administered by FEMA. And did you realize that many NFIP insured structures will now be paid claims in the areas innundated by the USACOE blown levee?

Would it be ironic if the world went off the dollar as he primary reserve currency because its owner went the way of the third world and devalued or even worse repudiated its debts outright?   Good that the USA has the MONROE doctrine or all those foreign gunboats might just try and collect USA assets by force?

But hey the USA just finished spending 2 trillion dollars to get a single opponent so why to worry?


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One Response to That Ancient Chinese Curse-To Live In Interesting Times

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    An excellent post — Bravo to William Cumming once again – what perspective and much appreciation to him by so many for sharing his enlightened perspective! We face a frightening and explosive time where the dysfunctional ways of brutes cast much uncertainty escape no one….

    As far as Iran, the “Brutes of Tehran” as I call them, unfortunately these men capable of such dastardly deeds and willingness to kill in cold blood so, so many including a vibrant young woman, whose rich Persian blood was allowed to spill on the streets of Tehran, a woman none of us will ever forget as she stood with brave fortitude against the evil ways of Lucifer, yet while Iran will cause even far greater mischief and far many more will be killed in cold blood in witness by the Lord, our Creator, it will be the evolving German-led fast deployment forces and new shiny battleships already sailing the regional waters which supported by the Vatican which will rid the world of these militant and self-imposed judgement makers —

    Yes, the USA, our beloved Republic – a nation we cherish and a country where so many have perished in the act of preserving our Judeo-Christian values…yes, we will quickly become a third world nation as We have inept and self-imposing partisan “politicians” on both sides of the aisle with little backbone and self-agenda in strategy as a result of our entrusted vote affording them the power….

    Bankrupt nearly some $15 trillion fiat federal reserve notes (dollars?), my front porch flag is turned upside down depicting the distress of our nation and as example, with eight (8) sitting Presidents and 19 Congressional gatherings…We have never initiated a comprehensive Energy Program, thus dependence on the Middle East, hugh profits by the oil companies and empty pockets after filling up at the local gasoline station!

    With Ethiopia soon to come into play and shipping affected globally, food product costs will sloar as well as energy and we will see a shock and awe in the Middle East which will finally engage the down-sized ten (10) nation EU which will thwart the efforts of the “Brutes of Tehran” — in this quest to control and to possess Jerusalem which neither the Muslim or Christian will be permitted as Jerusalem has already been spoken for – God help those who even try to stab the heart of the most Blessed city in the world….

    My question, where is Winston Churchill for the world is onec again at the threshold of darkness and despair…. Our swords must be raised high and with stable hand, thwart Lucifer and his intent to deface the dignity and ethical nature of mankind….It is worthy to note that every manmade government since Babylon no matter its form has failed….

    God Bless America!

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 0264 USA

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