The 21st Century–Apocolypse NOW?

Okay recent articles in MSM and other blogs drive this posting. Facts–Oil probably will run out this century but not natural gas and LPG! Nuclear power is not dead as long as a single reactor operates on the face of the earth but its financial future looks to prevent new construction for the most part.  Demographics–Now UN predicting 10.1 billion people on earth by Year 2100. No green revolution in sight for agriculture. 20th Century solutions in many areas of human activity are now obsolete paradigms. So here is what I think needs doing in the US just for survival and perhaps prosperity by end of the century.

In freshman biology a wonderful Prof walked into class one day announcing he had been given a Distinguished Professorship (fall 1960) and was asked by the President of the University I attended what title he would like as in what discipline? He requested that he be named a Professor of ECOLOGY!  FEW understood that term.  From Wikipedia:

There must be an immediate reorganization of the Executive Branch and an new department created. This will be very controversial but I think that the announcement and fight for it should be the basis of the 2012 Presidential election as far as domestic policy and its international implications are enormous. First always remember that the Lobbyists in Washington often win by not just corruption of the democratic process but by forcing the compartment issues, knowledge,  and overlaps so that solutions are impossible. Thus, no one really has a hand on possible tradeoffs and solutions.

So I recommend that the new Department be called the Department of Ecology, Energy and Environment and the current DOE and EPA be rolled into the new department.  NRC would also be rolled into the new Department. When public safety is involved it has long been the conclusion of leading Public Administration experts that commission type regulators do not adequately protect the public’s health and safety.

All federal involvement in water issues, from drinking to sources to tradeoffs would also be part of the new department. What we now know is that the private energy industry whether fossil fuel such as oil and gas and the nuclear power industry are not just extracting from the commons energy resources but they also are destroying the nation’s drinking water supply.

And the USA should do everything possible to upgrade its knowledge and competency in these areas. This in fact is the key national security and homeland security issue for this century so that appropriate transfers from those domains should be used to fund and staff the new Department.

Ron Paul wants to eviscerate the power of the banks that own the Federal Reserve by evisceration of the Federal Reserve because he understands it is destroying democracy in the USA. So plenty of room for other politicos to take up my suggestion because as surely as the financial sector can destroy our democracy the lack of integration of federal policy on energy and water and related issues will also destroy our democracy.


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  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Yesterday, earthquake rattles Spain and even aftershocks stronger than first shake and roll! In Haiti, 1st June Atlantic hurricane season begins and some eighteen (18) months later since the calamity which Mother Nature swept across the island of Haiti and so, soo many challenge the elements in tattered tents. Japan…what can one say….and the next, Mexico City?

    The Euro to decline, the dollar to rise, oil prices too stabilize until the “Brutes of Tehran” with trigger in hand simply waiting for the WMD to kick off the shock and awe! I think it has been so insiteful to corrupt equipment going into Tehran related to its WMD development, causing virusesd s much delay….

    Only God is witness to all and it is our Father who is the only one capable of making judgement on another —

    Eight sitting presidents and 19 Congresses later, no US national program related to severing our ties to oil from the Middle East! How dare you all tell us you are representing us for it is quite apparent that your agenda is to focus on yourself! The incestuous and thunderous applause and accolades of one another when we still do not have an established energy program…..

    Thre is so much to say….

    God Bless America!

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645

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