National Economic Impacts from Disasters?

Hurricane Katrina’s major impact on the nation came from the impact on the oil and gas industry where Louisiana is a key production and logistics state. The fate of the citizens of NOLA had almost no economic impacts on the national economy as both Mississippi and Alabama impacts almost did not register nationally.  Clearly Mississippi outflow shipping does have national impacts that don’t take long to register. 600 barges a day move up and down river past Vicksburg, Mississippi. The USACOE has suspended that traffic for reasons of marine safety and for impact of wakes on surrounding levees.

WAPO has an interactive graphic on the Bonne Carre Spillway dumping river water into Lake Ponchantrain.  This is almost always the first step in protecting NOLA during high water.     IN the 1927 flood NOLA citizens blew up levees further north on the river to protect NOLA and in essence this is the same strategy used by USCOE opening the Morganza Spillway.  And perhaps the Old River Control Structure.

Whatever the hydrology the signs are not good for both weather over the impacted area and the timing and impact of the strategy so far. It looks to me like we may be headed to a major levee failure. I am no engineer. But the impacts on the national economy even if no failure are enormous and covered in today’s New York Times.

I wish we could know the future of this crisis as it looks now to extend well past July 4th of this year.  A long time to be wet.

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  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Noah and his boat – his idea has proven itself over generations as anyone living near water must respect the riverways, the ocean as I recall the devastatin here along the New England coast especially after the Blizzard of ’78 damaged and destroyed so may homes —

    I believe Saturday the Blue Hill Observatory – see: – will host an Open House here just nine miles southsouthwest of Boston at 600 ft above sea level, the second highest peak within ten miles of the coastline along the eaterm seaboard and Blue Hill Observatory in operation since 1885 to date keeping hourly climatological weather reporting, a valuable source of information —

    Sure we hit the debt ceailing and obviously both sides of the aisle will undoubtedly continue this partisan charade putting their own agenda first, not the health of this nation and the interests of the good and most charitable people of our beloved republic. What a pity We have sold ourselves to the bankers and given the keys to America’s entrepreneurial zeal to the relocation of our factories from Lowell MA to every province in China —

    Unfortunately the spirits of this nation have not only been dampened by record breaking tornadoes and our rivers spilling over, but whether the elitis intellectuals, the bankers stealing it all with their “beltway bandit” pals as cohorts, We are all wet!

    In my reach globally in the int’l business dev’l markets, I see China stockpiling every item, raping China of every resource, China making sure that their presence is everywhere and taking advantage of the wsst so caught up in this long term generational struggle between the Christians and Muslems – while the Chinese cnduct their business ands stockpile “commodities” in their warehouses for 50+ years —

    As someone w/a passion and interest in Emergency Managament response and with much appreciation for our first responders, as a civilian only, from my perspective, We are so quickly losing our identity and our ability to perform in every sector – our local, state and certainly this “Goldman Sachs” administration is intent in never demnstarting – transparency – in opening the books – line by line – and like my beloved Hellenes in Greece who live in Disneyland each and every day protesting and kicking like the union folks here expecting in Greece to retire young and have benefits come their way, Wee, too are destined for failure unless we see this depiction from the beltway in utter ineptness change as Franz Kafak refers to –it will not happen as the special interest groups just as certain as our riverways and oceans will overflow, flood and devastate us — We have become hopeless and as we babyboomers even think about retiring, unless one wants to move to Beijing, I don’t know if we can will even have the resources to survive, never mind those 55 and under – You are in real peril and there are no safety nets and dams which will prevent the “Great Washout” of America too happen —

    I may sound as though a religious right wing conservative, however I make no excuses that I read my Bible in this Judeo-Christian nation Barry et al and I particularly make note today of Daniel Chap 40-44 ….

    National economic impacts from disasters…whether it was 40 years ago or 70 years ago or 150 years ago, We perceive all these floods as something unnatural and this is far from the case — those who were here lng ago have seen the rivers rise and the oceans batter the homes along the seashore or AMERICA face adversity, yet people were different as most had less and worked together to fill the sandbags, to push neighbor stuck in snow, to shovel an elder’s walkway…we here in Europe and america, those in the Middle East who see intelligent and hopeful youth throughout the Middle East with dreams like all youth, dashed away by Lucifer and those who somehow empower themselves and steal the booty and lock it away much like the “Brutes of Tehran” who have taken their gold and lcked it away and hidden it in coffers found in Asia, far from Tehran –

    Robert Frost – a local New England poet talked a lot about nature and he also talked about having a choice in the path one chooses to take – meeting the fork in the road and making a choice – We not only in America, but in the west have chsen the one which once again will inevitably lead us into War, not this support of Pakistan because they allow supplies and other to reach our troops engaged in Iraq which will undoubtedly be served to those in tehran and in Afghanistan where again, just as in modern day history, the patch on most soldiers in depicting the American flag – not a corrupt UN flag….or NATO more and more controlled by the Germans as history repeats itself just as ‘ol man river floods and inundates land which today people have built their dreams on turning their cheek on the reality of building their livlihood and hopes along the riverway, the ocean….water which like politician which washes any hope away…

    The fact of the matter, long ago the federal government should of engaged the financial supprt of first responders and training for the lack of discipline and dependence on local folks and their econmies will inevitably close more fire stations and lay offs to police at a time when both will be needed far more than ever as the populace will grow more and more agitated when it realizes how they have been hoodwinked – for we are broke, we are slipping in every competitive way and we utilize w/pride those in the US military, brave and well trained warriors seeking to oust Lucifer from his throne here on earth and then we tell the same enemy of the treasure in information, OBL’s diary, we tell the adversary who seeks our demise hoping to see blood from their swords, we are not strategic in thinking whatsoever, we tell them all about the treasure from a raid not too far up the street from the Pakistani West Point where OBL resided for five years and ya know why, because you Barry et al must look like good because 2012 elections are coming up – that’s why folks and guess what…the open floodgates to our demise do not rest along the riverway, the undiscipline and lackluster vigilance smack in the WH and on both sides of the Congressional aisle are the swirl of rushing – federal reserve fiat “notes” referred to as dollars whipping by from the printing presses flooding and promising certain economic and political failure and despair, soup lines along Main Street USA for most just to survive the day, the same given to this idiot and old man, this IMF “intellectual” another elitist staying in a $3,000 hotel room supposedly and no yet proven – attacking a maid – while we here on Main Street USA scrtach our heads trying to fill our cars with gasoline and so much per gallon going to our respective State coffers, never mind the greedy oil corporate thugs, to the leguslators who we have “entrusted” by precious vote and gasoline tax receipts far exceeding per galln what the oil companies receive and they spending the monies w/no care – as if tomorrow will be be brighter and the flooded rivers and lands subsiding, NOT, Winston Churchill has passed and his insight and leadership competencies yet to be found as We no longer can find Statesmen, just a bunch of blowhards….watching as the riverways flood and the local bankers open the coffers and bring the unaccounted stimulus monies and the other monies they have been hoarding too higher, dryer ground – lending little for “Our Plight Is Their Delight” my new slogan in my one man protest of this onging charade as we suffocate and the only “change” we see is taken from our pockets and so many here on Main Street must make very difficult choices just to figure out which to buy to survive and watch this dog and pony show in Congress, to buy food or their prescriptions….

    God Bless us all!

    Thank God for those at NSA and at DOD and NYPD and LAPD and the local first responders for there are fewer and fewer we can depend on when we call 911!

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645

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