For FEMA The Future is NOW!

I often go to NOAA Weather Radar over the course of any 24 hour period. We definitely are not out of the woods for this years tornado attacks by MOTHER NATURE !  Over 600 in April and May totals still unknown.

And of course Hurricane Season starts June 1st with Mississippi River main stem flooding now through 4th of July.

Assuming that there is no catastrophic event between now and November 2012 FEMA will have demonstrated either its basic competence or its problems well before the elections.

Ron Paul states on the record that FEMA creates a moral hazard in its current makeup and should be eliminated. Other candidates unlikely to speak on an issue that is not viewed as outcome determinative for any Presidential candidate even incumbents. But time will tell.

Startling perhaps but in 1992 George H.W. Bush won Florida despite FEMA early on problems in responding to Hurricane Andrew.  California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania all states that might just lurch on the national scene because of their disaster prone natures and locations.

Personally I believe that only the tough hard nitty gritty work and good performance of FEMA will save it from the coming reorganization wars expected in a second Obama Administration or a new Republican administration. So it is important this spring to measure as far as possible the skills, competencies, and performance of FEMA as it faces new organizational challenges.

Perhaps strangely, perhaps as a graduate of FEMA’s career service, I think that FEMA should be given the benefit of the doubt and the passage of time since the landfall of Hurricane Katrina is enough to either have repaired a decrepit FEMA [two administrations have had their shot at repair] whether FEMA likes it or not.    I view the next catastrophe as being STRIKE THREE for FEMA [Strike one being Hurricane Andrew] or hopefully they will hit a home run.  Anything but the latter will probably end the James Earl Carter created organizations history in the Executive Branch.


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One Response to For FEMA The Future is NOW!

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Let us give as much support to FEMA as We can as a nation and while We expect much from FEMA, those who we see Blessed to survive such fury, the wrath of Mother Nature and such devastating onslaught must feel a sense of relief when someone from FEMA clasps their hand at was once their front door as they have only a slab of concrete remaining —

    Like you, a firm supporter of “first responder” — I have seen the desparation, the anxiety. Obviously, We as a country certainly expect FEMA management to be well organized and prepared, yet We must assure FEMA the funding to address this growing list of individuals and families subjected to tragedy befallen on them.

    As a Life-time supporter of the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton ( and another of many New England weather buffs, passi0nate about the science of Meteorology and the ever changing New England environment, when referring to Mother Nature, We can never take her for granted, heeding the sirens, the warnings and while hopefully never having the necsssity to have FEMA activated, deployed in the locality, however when emergency unexpectedly demands on site visit, surely those wearing FEMA logo on their jackets will be capable in performance, having the tools do reliably help us in every way….

    Whether at FEMA or DHS, especially at the top tiers, far less political hacks and more fully experienced and trained personnel — If we can send all this aid overseas to help the less fortunate…well, let’s first make sure our beloved house is properly addressed!

    Thank you Mr. Cumming for a wonderful pst and all your efforts to bring attentin and support to our nation’s response to such catastrophe as we have seen in Joplin —

    The latest proojections just received for this Hurricane season commencing shortly, 1st June, more storms — let’s be prepared along the coastal plain.

    In Haiti, where I represent a collaborative effort to address wastewater and water purification (see: as well as offering this same experienced team who is complimented by housing “experts” offering new design and both earthquake resisitant and up to 150 mile per hour wind testing, I am disappointed in the corruption and the funding made available as far too many god Haitian people are remaining in now tattered tent when such technology and experienced folks have been ready these nearly last eighteen months since 12th January where so much loss in Life, so much property destroyed, though not taking the Will of Haiti to rebuild, to start anew as I bring drip irrigation to the island and new crops will grow and revenues will increase and from street to street, house to house, family to family, so many with compassion and experience offering quality solution will be depicted some day by a renewed Haiti and a renewd Joplin —

    We have the expertise in shelters, in addressing “water” where some 1 billion fellow humans today have little or no access to a clean glass of water and like Mr. Cumming who must be applauded by his dedication to public safety concerns and management competent management thereof, the same of William Danshin in Vancouver at Pure Water Corpration (PWC) and his teams of US and Canadian “experts” who stood ready for BP’s oil spill offering technology and experience and are prepared to respond as many others to lending a helping hand to those whose experience with Mother Nature has left them with despair and the anxious need to seek assistance with all the confidence that those offering such are truly capable of addressing the specific requirements at hand….

    God Bless all those who have unfortunately been subjected to such devastating losses and God Bless us all for We never know when we, too will be looking out under the rubble gasping for a first responder, FEMA and other dedicated men and women coming to our desperate 911 emergency scenario. Do what you can today to support your local first responders….

    Christopher Tingus

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