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A Clear and Present Danger?–The FED

One of Bob Woodward’s many books was entitled “Maestro” and discusses the Federal Reserve and its then Chairman. This hagiography has been so refuted by events that it stands as a condemnation of the entire career of Mr. Woodward and … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and Iraq–USA 0 for 2?

Well the post 9/11 military effort has now resulted in questionable success in Afghanistan and Iraq. Another generation of disaffected military produced by US foreign wars? Perhaps a US George McDonald Frazer will come forward to document various  US Charges … Continue reading

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Reorganization of the Executive Branch

From Government Executive mag: “The latest comprehensive plan for reorganizing the federal government — timed for release in the midst of a deficit crisis and low public regard for Washington’s competence — is an academic product that has won the … Continue reading

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IN the Realm of Pure Speculation?

One reason to blog is not so idle speculation! First looking at all the Presidential candidates from the standpoint of HS and EM and what do we see? The MORMON candidates may be anathema to some (there is  a suggestion … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean?

What does it mean? WAR? Department of Defense? Homeland Defense? Homeland Security? National Security? Campaign Promises? Deficit Reduction? Balanced Budget? Government Reform? Federalism? Religion? Energy? These are the top dozen that will  dominate the 2012 Presidential election! Hottest new concensus … Continue reading

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Preparedness Again A Stepchild?

The sinews of Preparedness, a subset of Resilience, are eroding fast under both Houses of Congress and the Administration. An interview with CDC Chief Tomas R. Frieden who became head of CDC in June 2009 following Julie Gerberding, was published … Continue reading

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The Rapid Decline in DHS Clout!

I believe myself to be expert in the tell-tails that indicate the ascension and decline of Executive Branch organizations. Often leading to their ascendancy  or perhaps even reorganization out of existence. FEMA as an independent agency faced elimination several times … Continue reading

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