Where Are WE NOW?

The USA is now in a semi-crisis stage but only the bloggers seem to know. Why? First!  The debt ceiling crisis is resolved. What you say? Because agreement has been reached that no increase in the limit without further drastic federal budget cuts immediately.

Second!  The economy is falling apart. Few new jobs and increases in unemployment short and long term.

Third!  Foreign affairs and foreign relations.  Even the EU and Japan the closest partners of the USA are struggling with 21st Century events.

Finally, MOTHER NATURE looks like she will continue to misbehave.

I have been involved in a two week effort to see if I could post on my blogs and generally more optimistically and develop a new strategy.


Unfortunately, I have become even more pessimistic about the future just as my first grandchild, a granddaughter arrives in late July.


More to follow!



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