As Time Goes By?

Well the Republicans and Tea Partiers have locked in for 2012 on their principle policies and issues.  First, its the economy stupid. After all it  worked for Bill Clinton. Second,  federal budget cuts!

Personally I  think Obama now realizes how deep the distress is in the USA (depression where I live)! But he also realizes that allowing WALL STREET to  let its asset strippers move federal monies and hard earned income of the man and the woman on the street overseas was a fool’s gold strike.

The President now realize that  in the great flow of history the vital signs of  the USA are declining largely due to  the  traversty of a foreign policy almost designed to fail.

By Thanksgiving the foreign policy of the USA  will be shattered by events in MENA, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the EU specifically the PIGs!

Over the next few days I will  explain what should be done NOW to change this  predictable outcome!


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