First the IAEA has officially requested Japan to provide more information and be more transparent on the information generated by its three core melted nuclear reactors stemming from the March 11th Earthquake. NOTE–conclusions finally reached that the earthquakes created the major reactor issues not the Tsunami.  Although that too was a significant event.

NOW there are indications appearing that if alternatives can be found quickly enough, e.g. natural gas and green solutions and conservation, the Japanese have closing of all 54 reactors permanently under active study.




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One Response to JAPAN and NUCLEAR POWER

  1. “Wow” indeed…coupled with Germany’s recent decisions as I see my partner and I transporting more and more coal and iron ore from S. Africa and Indonesia Asian port! Never did I imagine reaching the technolgical milestones humanity has achieved by 2011 and seeing so much disconnect depicting man’s inability to plan, coordinate and sustain itself as econoomically, politically and otherwise, the kids are on attention deficit meds, the parents are hooked on pharma prescribed by phsyicians receiving their perks from the manufacturer, and Congress is self-impressed by its own crotch — “wow” indeed!


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