Another Washington Star Departs–Michael E. Leiter

Many probably don’t recognize this name–Michael E. Leiter–but since 2007 he has been a senior staffer and head of the National Counter Terrorism Center.

National Counterterrorism Center: About Us

Mar 30, 2011  The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) was established –

The NCTC follows on other organizations designed to insure adequate info sharing in CT efforts. To some extent this has been accomplished and to the extent it has been done thanks largely due to Mr. Leiter. Both today’s NY Times and WAPO have writeups that will not be duplicated here.

The National Counter Terrorism Center now has statutory authority but always remember that its creation represented a failure by both the INTEL community and DHS to accomplish the same mission and goals long before Congress mandated the orgnization. And originally it was to actually be housed in DHS. The creation of this organization is a futher reason to disestablish DHS which will be done in this decade.   While DHS’ 52 funded Fusion Centers (also with a statutory basis) operate to break down info sharing barriers largely with STATE and LOCAL info sharing none of the FCs or the NCCT operate smoothly. Why? Most departments and agencies really are not good at coordinating and cooperating with other organizations and often don’t even share the same vocabulary or culture. Foreign  Language capability in this centers is still an unknown quantity.

That said Mr. Leiter has done a great job and like others I have posted about we will be hearing his name in the future. He was a George W. Bush political appointee held over by President Obama. Sort of the Richard Clarke of this administration.  Good luck in your future prospects Mr. Leiter.


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