HIV-First and Last Post on this subject!

Apparently an HIV vaccine is around the corner. This disease should have been dealt with as a worldwide pandemic but there was a totally politicized response by the various  nation-states of the world, some of which made the pandemic  worse. It now appears likely that a vaccine will become available this decade.  Still 7,000 new infections a week world wide and some countries have yet to experience the full devastation of the consequences of their inaction.

Why do I post at all on this issue?  Wikipedia has an interesting entry on this subject.

AIDS is now a pandemic.[6]

Quite comprehensive. Yet more study using HIV as a case study should be done by WHO and NIH and other researchers.

First, an accurate an depoliticized analysis of each nation-state and their official and unofficial response to this disease, including staffing and expenditures on a cure or vaccine or other treatments!  This number is currently unavailable but is required to correctly analyze the reaction to HIV and its effectiveness.

Second! We need to understand whether and to what extent reaction to HIV has been study by various disciplines from anthropology, to history, to medicine, to law, etc. etc. This would be the best single pandemic to study in world history so far.

Third!  Clearly the economic impacts of HIV were enormous but  some of the impacts may in fact not otherwise occurred and like disaster relief been beneficial from knowledge transfers or improved systems and processes for other problems or even pandemics.

How many PhD’s did the HIV/aids pandemic help generate?

I lost a number of  close friends and colleagues  to AIDs so hoping that we learn from this tragedy all that we can.


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