TURKEY and ITS Elections!

Turkey is highly earthquake prone. Modern Turkey created by the breakup of the Ottoman Empire which sided with the Germans in WWI and defeated a poorly planned British landing at Gallopolli in WWI. Modern Turkey is also a member of  NATO the only majority Islamic state to be included in that alliance. An alliance from which the USA should have withdrawn in the Clinton Administration.

For the third time an election in Turkey has delivered a government that has a new approach to both civil/military relations and state/ church relations. Attaturk (Mustafa Kemel) that became the leader and creator of modern Turkey is long dead but still  reveered and his contributions still  provide the parameters for modern Turkey. The rejection of ATTATUK’s reforms would  be not just a large earthquake for Turkey but  for  the world.  Discussed in depth in Professor Paul Kennedy’s book concerning nation-states crucial to how the 21st Century develops, TURKEY’s AKH party (that won the election of a majority for  the third time) has announced its intention to rewrite the Turkish Constitution (current version stems from early 80’s).

This will be an important event in not just Turkish but world history and many important impacts could occur on world events depending on the outcome.



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  1. If I may enjoin all – enlightened – westerners in the immediacy and urgency in focusing far much more attention to to what is taking place in both Turkey and Egypt in the next coming months as the transitions to a more “fundamentalist’ policy making will eventuallybring far more tension and uncertaintly to global security.

    While Hamas and Hezbollah and the “Brutes of Tehran” will most assuredly be stepping up terrorist attack in Israel to pressure the Israelis and to muster a support from the Arab and global community where even in S. Africa where ties with Israel have been good and we have recently seen for instance, the Congress of South African Trade Unions praising the University of Johannesburg fr severing its ties between the two universities (Ben-Gurion Univesrity and the University of Johannesburg). A 25 year relationship ended abruptly on 1st April as a result of more and more attempts to isolate Israel especially given Israeli defensive forces utilizing defensive measures to address attacks from Gaza.

    Whether it be a transitioning Turkey or whomever else adverse to Israel, Psalm 83 becomes more and more relevant to CNN and Fox Breaking News as to events unfolding throughout the Middle east — “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remebrance.” (Psalm 83;4.

    The enemies of Psalm 83 are many and to their disheartened dismay, israel will flourish as covenant between (Hebrew0 Israel and all our Creator has made this quite clear – With Turkey and even Egypt, the mystery of Psalm 83 will be removed and we will see global strife and the Assyrians stepping to the plate to counter this revolution whereby once again Christianity and Islam have once again a duel of swrd in this futile quest to control Jerusalem which will see only all of our Creator sitting on His throne and the only one who can make judgement upon humanity and its dysfucntional stonewalls and narrow perspective unwilling to respect one another’s differing choices while enlightened that the differences amng men are not as perceived.

    God Bless us all!

    Christpher Tingus

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