The Rapid Decline in DHS Clout!

I believe myself to be expert in the tell-tails that indicate the ascension and decline of Executive Branch organizations. Often leading to their ascendancy  or perhaps even reorganization out of existence. FEMA as an independent agency faced elimination several times during my service from 1979-1999 but in fact most of its successes and failures were largely out of the public eye.  One sign of clout for FEMA was the fact that it was either included or excluded from certain Executive Orders when an independent agency.


Now of course as FEMA is no longer independent I can just  use DHS mention in Executive Orders to follow the pattern of ascent or descent.  DHS is clearly descending demonstrating two things. First WH does not often think of DHS having a formal policy role in which its considerable expertise would be of use.  Second, DHS has so many aggrieved enemies after less than 10 years that few want to have to deal with its very primitive management style and the ego and hubris of its appointees.

Well reading the tell-tails today’s Federal Register contains a new Executive Order signed by the President on June 9th and titled Rural Council. And to be fair DOD and DHS are both excluded from designation as members.

Whoever drafted this order probably has no idea that both DOD and DHS heavily impact the 16% of the population living in rural areas.  Lack of jobs and infrastructure means these areas are dying. Schools closing, population aging, and little infrastructure.

FREE BROADBAND service nationwide might  have saved these areas or even high speed rail. But of course  those options closed as any excess capital in the USA goes offshore  both by the greed of WALL STREET and US government policy.

Still the fact that the WH at this late point in time in the Administration, and Mr. President it is far later than you think, indicates the probability that the administration needs a crumb to throw at a problem existing since  the Eisenhower Adminstration, rural America and its basic health.


Good luck new Council. The Executive Order is numbered E.O. 12575 by the archives of the US and published at 76 Federal Register 34841!



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