Preparedness Again A Stepchild?

The sinews of Preparedness, a subset of Resilience, are eroding fast under both Houses of Congress and the Administration.

An interview with CDC Chief Tomas R. Frieden who became head of CDC in June 2009 following Julie Gerberding, was published in the Friday WAPO. The interview reveals that CDC’s budget was cut by $740M between fiscal year 2010 and Fy 2011. And States and their local governments have had to 45,000 public health jobs in the last two years.

This is cutting not just sinews but muscle and bone even as an E coli outbreak in Europe has potential for spread to the USA.

The DHS budget also will soon decline from its all time highs although incompetent management of funds given indicate that appointees in DHS often don’t get that response and recovery and resilience generally starts with Preparedness.

I have been asked to review several chapters of books and article that will appear shortly. They reveal that the WH and DHS efforts post-9/11/2011 were not a seamless and coherent effort. Combining that with Congressional earmarking and ignorance and guess what we may be worse off than on September 10th 2001!

Time will soon tell where we stand when another major attack or other catastrophe reveals the King wears no clothes.

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1 Response to Preparedness Again A Stepchild?

  1. “The King wears no clothes” – America get a grip for the “change: Barry at the WH and Deval at the Boston State House have promised you is not only more deficit spending, a Massachusetts Healthcare touted by Mitt the loser, hw many election attenpts does it take to get through to such arrogance, but they have promised to rape you as foreclsures abound, the Treasurer arrogantly dictates to Congress that it will pass the budget defocit ceiling and there we have the Speaker playing golf with the President – and Congress is so partisan in its ways that who gives a damn ’bout USA!

    Preparedness…what a hoax. In fact, many at the reigns globally prefrer to rid humanity of substantial populations numbers – this is fact.

    Preparedness – our local budghets are so squeezed that bth fire and police which we desperately need…will be laid off the payroll unless yu stand up talk and shoulder tlo shoulder stand tall for the men and wmen who serve yoou each and every day!

    What a charade and most of you have not seen soup lines on Main Street USA, however you will — no leadership and evil ways among those “entrusted” to serve who are either sending photos of themselves to women over the internet, holding hands with lover while leaving the folks in SC and the list goes on and on…What corrupt and arrogant elected officials serving only Lucifer —

    Christopher Tingus

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