What Does It Mean?

What does it mean?


Department of Defense?

Homeland Defense?

Homeland Security?

National Security?

Campaign Promises?

Deficit Reduction?

Balanced Budget?

Government Reform?




These are the top dozen that will  dominate the 2012 Presidential election!

Hottest new concensus forming globally—nuclear power risks have not been fully evaluated in any country yet! Your neighboring nation-states reactors may be a problem for your nation-state!



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One Response to What Does It Mean?

  1. What does any of this mean any mre when it is necessary that I fly my American flag on my front porch upside down depicting the distress our beloved is besieged with when we see a government whose policies will force millions into government healthcare and we see millions of homes foreclosed upon not owned by the bank, but owned by the government – What does it mean when a black man, a white man, a yellow man, a red man gets up and pledges “change” and “jobs, jobs, jobs” and well we already are fully enlightened Barry and Deval as to just what you have meant in your campaign talk for we have seen andy spare change taken from our pocket!

    You mean that the best we have to offer is a Massachusetts Healthcare Plan which has nearly bankrupted the State of Massachusetts! Com’on – what does it mean…it means that there is no one on both sides of the aisle at the helm and we are beyond saving…yes, beyond saving…

    What does it mean when we have flown some 11,000 sorties across Afghanistan and Iran is soon t mive right into Iraq upon our departure….What does it mean when the US policy allows innocents killed protesting on the streets of Tehran and Syria’s capital and chooses to send drones into Libya on the premise that we need to help the civilians on the groud..what about the calls fr help from Iran and Syria as innocents are gunned down, their own people…how outrageous – how unacceptable —

    What des it mean when the Vatican and the German led EU fast deployment Armies know full well their intent to challenge Islam, the same ‘ol, same ‘ol quest on both sides, Christianity and Islam in their respective quest for control of Jerusalem and hey guys, sorry, our Creator is quite clear as to his intentions and it will only be He that sits on the throne in Jerusalem!

    The lies and deceit of men and their prowess at power, raping women, killing in cold blood innocents, theur own, not even infidels..what a label, very real, human beings, the children of God and the same preach the Qur’an and manipulate the peaceful and Respect for all others portrayed and taught in the Qur’an and the Bible!

    What does it mean, this dysfunctional and distasteful Palestinian/Hebrew onslaught for so long!

    What does it mean that humanity will never cease to exist assured by Biblical scripture, however Lucifer is here and in so many ways in so many places –

    God Bless us all!


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