IN the Realm of Pure Speculation?

One reason to blog is not so idle speculation! First looking at all the Presidential candidates from the standpoint of HS and EM and what do we see? The MORMON candidates may be anathema to some (there is  a suggestion in the MSM that up to 20% of eligible voters would not vote for a MORMON and some believe it is not a Christian sect at all) but  the MORMONs have long believed in individual and family preparedness.

I think the Church of the Latter Day Saints will have at least one slot on the Republican ticket and I believe that the Republicans might well benefit at the polls depending on  the performance of DHS/FEMA in events between now and the 2012 election.

What I do know is that research on social vulnerability and disaster indicates that the populations most at risk during an incident or event, including the aging and disabled population, are growing rapidly in the USA.

It is also possible that a Rudi Guiliani could reappear on the  political scene. My  guess is that all VP candidates than at the top.

But this fits my long  held beliefs on emeshing  the VP more deeply into domestic crisis management for real world events. This would end the often wasteful delays and rivalries that occur during actual events. DHS pretending to have a role in Pandemics, e.g. under HSPD-5, and other wasteful examples of bureacratic ignorance.

Joe Biden has been useful to the President but I believe he will bail or be dumped for  the VP slot in 2012. Just a hunch.

What is about to happen is that VP Richard Cheney’s role in DHS and FEMA post January 2001 is about to be made painfully clear in several objective analyses of his role. Clearly Cheney not Bush was in charge of  DHS and FEMA.

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