A Clear and Present Danger?–The FED

One of Bob Woodward’s many books was entitled “Maestro” and discusses the Federal Reserve and its then Chairman. This hagiography has been so refuted by events that it stands as a condemnation of the entire career of Mr. Woodward and his efforts.

Another take on the FED was William Greider’s book entitled “Inside the Temple” a devastating take on the FED that is still worth reading.

If Barack Hussein Obama wanted a second term in the position of  President  of the US he never should have reappointed the current Chairman and by doing so he  and all  US Senators voting for reconfirmation have demonstrated their total incompetence and lack of understanding of what the FED has done since 2007 and even before to the American economy. In saving  the corrupt US banking system and large banks the FED has destroyed the prospects for American power projection for the rest of the century and also destroyed the middle class of the United States.

You might think the statements above have no foundation in fact, reality or truth but in fact they fall short of the mark in condemnation of the FED.

First always remember that the FED is not a democratic institution but in fact is owned by US and foreign bank interests. Even as Greece faces bankruptcy because its bond holders will not contribute to the future of Greece democracy, the FED has consistently bailed out  and protected who–the bondholders of the world’s banks.

President Andrew Jackson in destroying the Second Bank of  the United States was reputed to  have said “It is not the job  of government to make men rich”!

The FED by charter has the role of protecting full employment and guarding against inflation.

In fact its still unknown backdoor bailout of various banks estimated to be between $17-$28 trillion dollars has enriched the corrupt US banking system. This story  will dominate the financial picture of the US for many years. A sad story  of the demise of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.


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One Response to A Clear and Present Danger?–The FED

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Breaking News — Whitey Bulger found in CA! After all, as I wrote a number of weeks ago, if we could find OBL, why not Bulger!

    As far as the ineptness on bth sides of the aisle, never mind the executive branch which has had its own agenda so blatently anti-American, the “beltway bandists” and their banker buds have made it quite clear that they could give a damn about “ol glory… As you look up to the fireworks 4th July, with most communities curtailing activities as local budget deficits have made it necessary to purchase fewer rockets of red glare from the Chinese fireworks manufacturers, pls be assured that the good ‘ol USA, this Republic We love and cherish, a nation of most charitable people, a nation who has willingly sent its most precious asset, their sons and daughters to distant shore to stand tall for the oppressed…well, w/Lucifer lurking about and sitting at the banker’s boardroom meetings and Winstoon Churchill no where to be found, pls refrain from referencing and longevity of USA for We, the aged, are digging into the closet for our Ma and Pa’s soup bowls and getting ready tp stand on Washington St.(Main Street USA) and wait for our cup of soup and a poece of bread….and (we) ain’t kidding!

    Our once great nation is besieged not necessarily from those afar, but from those within! Muster your food and all that will be required to stand with fortitude against those soo willing and blatently seeking to not only force Americans into government sponsored healthcare, but also now own more foreclsed homes than their banker pals spending the summer in the Hamptons together!

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645

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