Afghanistan and Iraq–USA 0 for 2?

Well the post 9/11 military effort has now resulted in questionable success in Afghanistan and Iraq. Another generation of disaffected military produced by US foreign wars? Perhaps a US George McDonald Frazer will come forward to document various  US Charges of its Light Brigade? Petraeus as Flashman?

My point is a simple one. Military forces need to be maintained, and employed only where their skills are likely to have longer term meaning than US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a sort of litmus test of US success in the  form of  SOFAs negotiated with host nation-states. SOFA= Status of Forces Agreement.

So here is my plan for demobilization of the US Armed Forces. First withdraw totally from all EU countries and NATO! Second! Pay Great Britain to provide three division equivalent  units to the UN. Third, provide 5 USA division equivalent units to the UN.

Fourth, eliminate at least 50% of all the colleges and Universities run by DOD in the next decade. The rest in the following decade.

The SECDEF will be removed from the Chain of Command of the USA Armed Forces and replaced by the VP as the next rung below the President.

Actively serving military will be withdrawn from being de facto members staff in the Congress.

All Executive Branch organizations  that involve national security will be under one appropriation statute.

The Armed Services Committee of the Congress will have their jurisdiction limited to the Armed Services only and a new National  Security Committee in Congress will have jurisdiction over actual operations of those Armed Services when deployed on operations.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will become part of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The USACOE will no longer be tasked with flood control efforts on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.  Domestic use of the USACOE will be under the revised charter of a new Department of Transportation and  Infrastructure that will include the current TSA in DHS will become the TISA–Transportation and Infrastructure Security Agency.

The STATE Department will only have operations in countries where 50% of its  Embassy and Counsular staff have language capability for  that particular country. In all others the US will have its interest represented by contractor staff with language capability.

Active military will not be assigned to US Embassy staffs unless fully fluent in the principal language of  the host nation.

Demobilized members of the Armed Forces will be paid tuition at any non-profit institution of higher education as long as they are making progress towards a degree at the first level.

Those demobilized members of the Armed Forces who already have college degrees will be paid a salary at the GS-9 to 12 level for a period of up to five years for teaching in any k-12 public school.

Any former member of the USA armed services discharged honorably will be paid a lifetime stipend of $100 a month for each year of completed military service. Unremarried widows or widowers will be paid the same lifetime stipend. Their children will be paid the same stipend until reaching age 21 or age 24 if enrolled continuously in a degree program in higher ed.

THE DOD will publish annually in collaboration with the STATE Department an assessment of the state of military civil relations for each of the nation-state members of the UN.

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1 Response to Afghanistan and Iraq–USA 0 for 2?

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Gosh darn it, why has it taken so lng for someone to say it – the US must totally withdraw from the EU and NATO! What are we doing in these positions in teh 21st century —

    ….and by the way, send ice down the back of the Germans and they new fast deployment Army, get our nukes out oof Europe and damn it, do not allow this administration to give them to the German led EU supported by this ever powerful Vatican. Get thme off the soil of Europe and get them set into our own launch facilities in mid-America USA, the heartland of this very nation and its need to bolster its defense despite the bureaucratic and inept congressional composition which is in its own stuper! Hold nto your Grandpappy’s cup or bowl, the soup line sonn awaits us here on Main Street USA!

    God Bless us all!

    Christopher Tingus

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