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JAPAN and the aftermath of March 11th

I have not posted on Japan for a while. But today’s NY Times has an article suggesting that Japan has finally placed a figure on its recovery from March 11th at $157 Billion and the article also provides the following … Continue reading

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Reorganization–DEA to DHS!

Some may wonder at AT&F now in the Department of Justice. I wonder more about DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) staying in DOJ when it should be part of DHS. Why? Read between the lines of this GAO letter report: LETTER … Continue reading

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Is the DEBT CEILING A National Emergency?

  A baseline of authority in National Emergency legal authorities was produced once upon a time in a galaxy far far away. ┬áCan the President’s authority be enhanced by a National emergency declaration or legislation enacted to provide such authority? … Continue reading

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President Obama as a Negotiator!

The President spoke of the debt ceiling negotiations and his positions on those last night. He is trying to recapture high ground lost when he did not link the Bush tax cuts to an increase in the debt ceiling. Real … Continue reading

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The Attack in Norway by Deranged Individual

It appears that homegrown terrorism can occur even in a tiny country (demographically) like Norway. The implications of his manifesto probably will require multi-disciplinary study but they reveal that the cultural and economic impacts of the Islamic migration on the … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been?

For the last four weeks been away from tidewater Virginia visiting friends and places in the Northeast of US some I had not seen for almost 40 years. A great trip–but world did not stop so here is a quick … Continue reading

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