Where Have I Been?

For the last four weeks been away from tidewater Virginia visiting friends and places in the Northeast of US some I had not seen for almost 40 years. A great trip–but world did not stop so here is a quick take.


1. The new FEMA is stressed at the moment as we enter the height of hurricane season and heat and drought takes it toll on the USA.

2. It now appears that one of the major players in the current deficit negotiations over borrowing ceiling is disturbed psychologically and the stress of the negotiations may result in his departure from office.

3. Greece will be going bankrupt–meaning defaulting on its debts–and the Drachma will be back by the end of the year.

4. Norwegian tragedy will reveal that mental illness and care of disturbed individuals is a priority for Homeland Security.

5. Neither party looks likely to have an attractive candidate in the 2012 elections and Ron Paul strengthens his following each day and each dollar recieved. 2012  may be a very very interesting election.  The USA has been weakened and knocked down due to inept politicians for four decades but perhaps it will stand tall again in the next decade, perhaps not.

6. The departure of Gates as SECDEF and replacement by Panetta will be one of the most significant “changes” made during the Obama Administration no matter whether there is a second term. 3 more departures from the cabinet by Labor Day.

7. GM will fail again before the 2012 election.

8. Japan will be knocked out of first tier countries by inept handling of Fukishima.

9. The dominance of Germany and German speaking peoples in Western Eurasia will be crystal clear by end of year.

10. The Arab Spring is over and will not restart. Islam is condemned to autocractic governmental forms.

11. China will be experiencing its first major challenge to Communist rule before the 2012 election.

12. Tim Kaine will win the US Senate seat over George Allen and Jim Webb may be on the Republican ticket for VP!


Enough is enough?



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2 Responses to Where Have I Been?

  1. Well, Mr. Cumming, a very perceptive and realitic look at the reality which grips so many not only in North Carolina here unemployment is nearing 10% despite the – poltical – rhetoric, “Jobs, Jobs, Joobs” but in so many states and so many other countries where those “entrusted” to lead and make respoonsible fiscal policy have failed not only to make decisive choices, however more often than not have chosen to be self-indulgent and take advantage of public trust.

    While so many of us here on “Main Street USA” have so much esteem for you and your knowledge, from my prospective, the list herein is far too optimistic! These “Beltway Bandits” very much like the “Brutes of Tehran” and the “KGB Putinites” care little for the common man and it is unfortunate but once again and within 100 years only, mankind will be enslaved to poverty and the darkness accompanying War! Where is Winston Churchill? With the Lord and We have few who have the enlightenment such as you who truly understand what men, women and children need to make their Lives worthy of the toil and compassion which is inherent among them as they simply want peace and reasonable prosperity whereby no matter the form of government, individualism and happiness are inherent Rights to humanity and no one should be so oppressed by the elitists who believe that a beer on the White House lawn truly addresses the issue!

    Since Babylon, no matter the form of government, humanity has been duped and unfortunately whether Democrats or Republicans, you have failed us and our beloved Republic! I caution you to be very aware that most of us will Not sit by and allow you to toss the wisdom of our forefathers aside or to manipulate the Constitution! We love America for it is We the People who cherish our Judeo-Christian values and We will not sit idel and allow you to continue to destroy our home!

    God Bless us all!

    Christopher Tingus
    Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645 USA

  2. Mark Lewack says:


    Welcome home. You have provided very perceptive commentary once again. I look forward to reading more of your wisdom on an ever-growing list of global issues, but most important to me are the ones at home.

    Mark L.

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