The Attack in Norway by Deranged Individual

It appears that homegrown terrorism can occur even in a tiny country (demographically) like Norway. The implications of his manifesto probably will require multi-disciplinary study but they reveal that the cultural and economic impacts of the Islamic migration on the west and events against Western interests have created a disturbing undercurrent of nativism and reaction that will be heard from elsewhere.

Given the events at Ft. Hood and the Oklahoma City bombing it is not just militaries that now rely on recruiting among ethnic populations to maintain their effectiveness but societies writ large.  So what exactly is USA policy on multiculturalism and ethnic identification and integration into the wider social web?

Clearly the powers that be in both the USA and elsewhere are worried that should people identify themselves not as White, Black, Asian, but in categories that would lump all those with some mixed ethnic background as other might even now show that the “other” is the majority in the USA.

White only is rarely the case in the USA today and those self-identifying often overlook their true racial or ethnic mixtures.

Our President probably could have facilitated a more accurate and more effective approach to ethnic and racial identification over the next century but has deliberately chosen not to do so.

Because of the implicit racism imbedded in the American polity I have received no dissents when stating that if President Obama had married a White woman he never would have been President makes me wonder whether marrying Michelle all along had implications for understanding Barack H. Obama.

Personally I don’t consider President Obama a black or white President but one of the “other” and wondering when a “black” President will actually be voted into office. More and more it looks like Obama was a historical fluke and with the record turnout of black voters in 2008 ( WAPO estimates 90-95% of elgible black voters turned out and voted for Obama) it is unlikely that such a turnout will occur again. This could cost the President Virginia and North Carolina in 2012.

So where does this leave US? Remember that the far right has historic resonance in Norway and elsewhere in Western Europe so it will be interesting to watch official and unofficial reactions to this tragic event.

And of course what I found interesting after the Oklahoma City bombing was that the issues of radicalism in the US military went essentially unexamined. Nor did the Black Muslim roots in the military of the DC shooter the fall of 2001 receive much attention.

And now of course the dirty little secret of the US military is that fewer and fewer black soldiers, sailors and airmen are successfully recruited into that stepladder for the success of the US underclass. Asians and Hispanics more than welcome in the miltary but fewer blacks as the year goes by. The implicit racism of the country now effectively being utilized to discriminate against blacks who want to join up.

And of course racial and ethnic statistics for the US military year by year are NOT available.

But my guess is whether civilian or military the Norwegian event could well occur here and in particular with assault weaponary readily available even to the mentally ill.



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1 Response to The Attack in Norway by Deranged Individual

  1. North Carolina’s job losses continue and unemployment figures just released this week show an increasing unemployment role as with South Carolina so like many states and this continued high unemployment scenario, the promised campaign “change” and the campaign promise to focus on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” will be the demise for Barry Obama and of course his spending habits of raising the debt some 2 trillion federal reserve notes (dollars), despite his campaign war chest and the negative advertising campaign yet to come from both sides, We here on “Main Street USA” have little confidence in local, state and the executive branch and do not care whether one is White, Black or Pink! We are at peril, ur beloved Republic is at peril and those so oppressed here and in far distant shore, no longer is America the beacon of hope and more are suffering from despair, more prone to mental illness as desperation embraces so many…We have numbers taken here ready to begin standing in the soup line and I write this with emphasis as this is not humorous to many who have little on nothing remaining in the food pantry not even a chicken for every home!

    Black, White or Pink, while some I guess remain so dysfunctional in their ways to see the color of skin and yes, while an American boorn of very proud Hellenic heritage and my second language Greek and my heritage taking pride and enjoying the Hellenic culture as well, as an American first and quite proud of our Red, White and Blue, willing to stand tall for our Constitution and even State Constitution where every citizen no matter Black, White or Pink should be protected against any abuse even government agency, folks look at the pack running for President at the moment, few qualify and it seems the elitists globally will again place humanity in harm’s way as We again become immersed in War affecting each and every one of us.

    We, the United States of America, have allowed corporate and special interest groups especially since the late 70’s and early 80′ to outsource jobs and prostitute our Nation. We the People have “entrusted” not only Chicago community organizer, Barry Obama to become President of the United States w/a background and CV which for the most part my land him a management position, not the Presidency of The United States. Eight sitting Presidents, yes Democrats and Republicans, 19 Congresses and guess what, We are paying $3.95 a gallon for gasoline still dependent of Arab oil and here We sit without any comprehensive Energy Program when we are awash in oil right under our feet!

    many Americans are licensed gun owners who carry a weapon for all lawful purpose, I am quite aware of how many legal guns there are in these wonderful United States carried by responsible folks for the same – all lawful purpose – and while gun ownership and ammunition sales have soared, few illegal incidents w/guns are tied to those who have license in hand and have gun to protect self and family. We cannot stop the metally challenged and those willing to kill another child of God for We all know that our Creator is witness to all and no one has the Right to take another Life – God makes such judgement.

    During this our Watch, We must change our course Now for so many here in America, never mind in other countries for the moment at least, We have “entrusted” those who have expressed interst in serving the public and then we have found them so self-serving in their ways to the detriment of ur nation and which I refer to as treason!

    I agree that given the illegal weapons on the streets which any local or metro police officer will tell you are very apparent even when making routine traffic stops when these weapons are found, yes, we are also open to such attacks as took place in Oslo, however while We here on Main Street USA are quite proud of our Judeo-Christian nation and values and will stand tall for our country and Republic, the long history and generations of ignorance in the willingness to allow others to manipulate the real mesaages of the Love and compassion expressed in both the Bible and the Qur’an and this long ongoing manipulation of Biblical verse will result in further confrontation especially throughout Europe and it will be the ever powewrful and so poltical Vatican and once again in history, the fast deployment Army of Germany who will challange Islam and unfortunately for most Christians and those who profess such profound commitment to their choice in adhereing to the teachings of Islam, good and innocent people who all have a Right to religious preference, unfortunately it will be Religion once again which challanges humanity!

    God Bless us all!

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