Is the DEBT CEILING A National Emergency?


A baseline of authority in National Emergency legal authorities was produced once upon a time in a galaxy far far away.  Can the President’s authority be enhanced by a National emergency declaration or legislation enacted to provide such authority?

From long before the so-called Watergate reforms including adoption of the National Emergency Act [1976] the Congress produced an accurate baseline document for National Emergencies and it is the most accurate baseline for cold-war era Executive Branch authority.




It is a baseline from long before the so-called Watergate reforms including adoption of the National Emergency Act and therefore is the most accurate baseline for cold-war era Executive Branch authority.”


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  1. Harry Truman considered by many to be the best President our beloved republic has been led by when discussing National Emergenies, concluded, “I am confident that we will meet the dangers that confront us with courage and determination, strong in faith that we can thereby ‘secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our prosperity'”

    God Bless you Harry and to Winston Chiurchill as well for unfortunately Sir, I (we) here on “Main Street USA” continue to keep our proud American flag hoisted upside down on our front porches for We are truly in distress! The ineptness and the arrogance of the elected as well as indifference to us here on “Main Streeet USA” who we have “entrusted” sensatively seeing and listening to those professing by oath and pledge to willingly serve the public and protest our Constitution and the Rights of mankind, well Sir, our forefathers forewarned us of this day and We promise you and these so enlightened individuals w/such great wisdom that We will no longer be offened by those preferring self agenda and self-indulgence, We will stand tall and Now call for responsible decision-making and recall of those who care little for the American way….

    We promise President Truman and President Washington and to so many of you and to all those who have given their most precious Life to present our flag and our willingnes to stand tall for these United State of America who with the most charitable people anywhere to be found have always conveyed Hope, a Beacon Of Light to those so oppressed even at distant shore.

    The “Brutes of Tehran” w/malice towards good men and women everywhere even on the streets of Tehran where a young brave woman was killed in cold blood, her rich Persian blood dripping on the streets of Tehran and the Syrian from the palace who orders execution of fellow Syrian citizen, the “KGB Putinites” with aim at undermining mankind and a German-led EU with intent to undermine the United States in every way accompanied by its ever powerful cohort, the Vatican which once again will play its role in the unrest which is certain to follow given the decisions and events unfolding with few realizing the dangers whiuch lie dead ahead!

    It has been less than 70 years since the Battle of The Bulge and America is not only being challenged by those outside its borders, but by those within and specifically the same We here on “Main Street USA” have elected and seeing talk of “change” and “jobs, jobs, jobs” all broken promises w/such present partisan rhetoric which brings heightend attention that We must adopt immediate legislation to implement – term limits – on every elected position from New England’s Town Meeting elected officials to the Presidency of the United States!

    God Bless America and to you my fellow neighbor, sow your gardens and stack your wood for We shall once again be challenged and with God’s Blessings and your enlightened perspective of reality, We shall once again survive the cloak of evil and death which will most assuredly cost the lives of millions and millions as same only seventy years ago as the dysfunctional stonewalls men erect between neighbor cannot be broken by the frail, the weak which America has allowed itself to portray to those outsidee and within our borders who seek to take dastardly act upon our great nation!

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA USA

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