The Congress Recesses for August!

A number of federal programs will expire without extension during the recess of the Congress this month. Essentially this is the last legislative week until after Labor Day and we will soon find out exactly what the adverse impacts are on legislation of the long debate over raising the debt ceiling. The spin meisters are at work on all sides but in Europe they MSM and analysts have already concluded that the Administration is the biggest loser.

And as soon as the Congress departs the Administration has a number of items it can act on administratively to make it appear it is working hard and accomplishing something. Even the President though has 10 days scheduled on Martha’s Vineyard this month.

I turn 69 on thursday and became a Grandfather for the first time yesterday at 5:21PM–a new Granddaughter named Evelyn. Great feeling to have another Cumming in the world.

So where are we now? First, it appears that an Omnibus Reconciliation Bill will be the vehicle for the bulk of the Appropriations for the  year beginning October 1st and therefore the Election year will start off in January with much substantive impact of the disarray in Washington even assuming no catastrophes.

FEMA and DHS will see quite drastic declines in their non-disaster budget authority and with the Hurricane season entering its peek month of September FEMA leadership could easily be distracted by a large scale event.

I am rereading Douglas Brinkley’s 2007 book “The Great Deluge” in honor of the sixth anniversary of Katrina. It has many helpful insights but in general as might be expected even by a distinguished historian technical deficiencies. Also its rush to publication means that much is now learned about Katrina and its aftermath even as federal outlays continue. One thing we do know is that Baton Rouge is now the real crucial endpoint on the Mississippi River and NOLA is largely left to tourism, gambling, and the energy and transportation sectors.  And the USACOE has failed to even be able to protect NOLA from a category one storm event with flooding threats from five different geographic and related hydrologic problems. So any given year may well end the NOLA saga for good. The smart money has long since left town permanently. The nine parishes with land fronting on the GOM continue to drag FEMA into awkward policies and procedures for many of its programs.

But the big one approaching is the decade anniversary since 9/11/01 and more and more articles and books are appearing as well as unusual and forthright analysis from former members of the BUSH and OBAMA administrations documenting successes and failures. In the end by Thanksgiving a much more accurate  picture of the post 9/11 activities of the federal government will be available for assessment. Pehaps no surprise that the policy balance sheet will be largely negative.

So here is to Congress getting out of town. And hoping they come back refreshed and ready to leave office soon one way or another.

The fundamentals of the US look doubtful the rest of this decade without major changes in officeholders taking place. Both the major parties are held captive by the TEA Party and their minions.

I am now predicting a Jeb Bush/ VP? ticket for 2012 and wondering if Biden will leave after the first of the year. Janet Napolitano appears to be into everything but homeland security. A Biden potential replacement?

Neither party can win a majority of eligible voters so now up to the Independents as to how they vote in November 2012!  Personally I am predicting a LOW turnout so anything might happen.


Stay tuned!



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One Response to The Congress Recesses for August!

  1. Congratulations !! I hope your Grandchild will someday understand how brilliant, how knowledgeable you are and We all appreciate the depth of your contributions in reply providing us with fact…not this political nonsense —

    Happy Birthday as well! You like so many have faced challenges and with stamina and conviction as well as God’s Blessings have overcome these challenges – Bravo!

    I have said it until even the blue bloods have turned over – We as a nation will again be challenged very shortly as Depression II visits and War and its rage and millions of deaths just as it was some seventy years ago – humanity should be ashamed of itself – its hatred towards fellow man, its arrgant greed, oppressing those w/far less, dysfunctional with its perverted ways – Lucifer is here and while I advised all to buy gold at $278/ounce and now oover $1600, guess what, you ain’t seen anything yet — how can you be so optimistic when so many choose such dastardly deed upon another – the self-impressed “elitists” who somehoow believe that a beer on the white house lawn with the cop and the professor pal lof Barry’s — com’on – in the midst of this crisis – when humanity’s uncertainty is unfolding and all we see is a charade from these “beltway bandits” – do we really have to see Barry and his wife a nd kids bicycling on the Vineyard again while Americans are going hungry — forget the vacation Barry, stay at the White House and get the job done despite the partisan ways – my fron porch flag is turned upside down, depicting the distress our beloved Republic finds itself and as I have forwarned, long ago, this fall will see the Egyptian government adopt much more stringent Islamic law, the same in Turkey and by November, the “Brutes of Tehran” raising their swrds to a German led EU whgich will begin to rid itself of countries bringing the totral EU membership to ten (10) nations only all subservient to Germany!

    Wake Up!

    Congress is taking a recess…give us a break here on “Main Street USA” as we know full well that Winston Churchill is no where to be found and many of these inept folks in the beltway should be recalled and persdonally, i would find their actions beginning w/Mr. Barney as treasonous! The reasons are quite obvious! Watch the Dow and pay particular attention to Gold! By the way, George (Soros) and Keith Anderson, I advised you to hold onto your gold – what ever made such brilliant folks as you both find any reason to shrug your shoulders at gold which will triple from it present value at close today! Yes, triple — with patrience as you watch the world fall into despair, War and treachery with only God’s willing to step in and save humanitty from self-serving ways —

    God Bless us all —

    Christopher Tingus
    “Main Street USA”
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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