Emergency Preparedness–The 1964 Presidential Emergency Plan

My friend Steve Aftergood has posted the OEP 1964 Emergency Prepardness Plan on his FAS website at:


Why is this document of significance? First, signed off by President LBJ. The only Emergency Preparedness document open source that shows Presidential level attention.

Second it acted as a formal delegation of authority to the Executive Branch until modified in part by E.O. 11490 (1969) later superseded by E.O. 12656.

It is worthy of the closest study by the HS and EM community and also note a 1977 GSA document suggesting its updating posted on my Vacation Lane Blog at http://www.vlg.blogspot.com

Interviews with friends and enemies (personal only) reveal few understand or have been trained on the NRF (National Response Framework) and few understand when it will be triggered. Those who came before US were not stupid people.


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