The State of the POOR in America!

Back in 1962 a book by Michael Harrington entitled “The OTHER America” shocked the establishment and Washington. It helped lead to LBJ’s War on Poverty destroyed of course by his war in Viet Nam.


For an update almost 50 years later go to:

Barbara Ehrenreich (of “Nickel and Dimed” fame) has written a startling and painful account of the state of the poor in America today. At:



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One Response to The State of the POOR in America!

  1. We here on Main Street USA are so easily duped and for one particular reason, we are dysfunctional in our ways, for the most part not willing to (peacefully) clasp hands and demand accountability from each and every public servant who has pledged his/her commitment to doing what is Right rather than serve self interest and political affiliation.

    We have enabled these inept individuals who are so indifferent tlo the same, We who “entrust” these men and women who swear by oath…only to see such utter disregard for those most in need to be safeguarded by thse pledging their allegiance to Lucifer instead of the good of mankind.

    As a citizen, I stood in silent protest for three years, 1,491 hours with sign in hand to reopen a fire station closed by the manipulative ipoliticizing of the elected, howeveer after getting pelted more than once by sleet pellets, snowed on, wind swept, baked by the sun, it is interesting to note that while I was able to muster 6,000+ citizen petitions collected to push the reopeing of this much needed fire station (today the local community’s busiest), during the daily protest not one fellow citizen stopped and stood with me or was at all caring to help hold the sign so that my swollen feet could take a rest — in essence, sure they agreed and acknowledged the wrongful and devious way of those they elected willing to compromise the Life of citizen and much esteemed first responder and signed the Citizens Petition (, however they were afraid t stand or thinking they were to busy and today, with so many oppressed, the wasteful spending and even the costs in duplication by these “beltway bandits” You not only allowed special interest groups and the corporate manufacturing entities to relocate out of the country, you did nlot demand a stop to what has led to our beloved America’s decline….

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645

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