Governing is always tough work. Running for office often has joys and disappointments that allow one to occupy an alternate universe. This universe unfortunately faces those who must govern.

This is the summer not the winter of Obama’s discontent. He faces the fact that his first three years (almost) could end up with being the disasterous record no incumbent ever wants to run on for President. WAR, failed economy, bad policy choices, and   a somewhat startling inability to connect with the American people. The latter may be in part to the inherent racism of most other than blacks Americans. I hope not but that is a factor.

The PRESIDENT now really understands how totally corrupt the politics and governing class is in fact.  A hard lesson to learn. Unlike an LBJ a totally corrupt politician himself who understood completely Washington corruption and used it for his ends justifies the means politics, Obama pretends that he himself is above the corruption.

As it becomes clearer the Nixonian policies have led to a 98% reduction in the value of the dollar since he was elected it should tell all how corrupt the rest of the world is that largely devalued currency is still the world’s safe haven.

The independents control the future of America and its democracy (Republic)! But it is clear that some independents are close to nihilism in their  lack of gravitas and failure to understand the governance either good or bad determines their ultimate fate and prosperity!


So who will tell the people (also Bill Greider’s book title from the early 90’s) that the incumbents don’t represent their interests but do represent themselves.


So far I see even the President putting self-interest before governance. Time will tell if I am correct in this analysis.

Perhaps it is no more complex than noting Obama’s placement of children at Sidwell Friends School ( I highly segregrated institution when I attended–SFS 60) as opposed to DC public schools some of which are excellent. Did he put them their because of its Quaker traditions or because of its prestige? There is no evidence that Obama is willing to risk his political capital on tough issues. Example taxing and restricting the traders of USA capital from destroying the economy by denying even small business needed capital.


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