The BOOMERs Go Bust!

Probably the coincidence of the President sharing my birthday just 19 years younger than me.

The last three Presidents have been Baby Boomers. Go to wikipedia for discussion of that phenomenon!

William Jefferson Clinton–b. August 19, 1946; So 65 today!

George W. Bush–b. July 6, 1946;

Barack Hussein Obama–b. August 4, 1961;

The consensus on who is boomer seems to focus on January 1, 1946 to January 1, 1965!

The three Presidents before, REAGAN, G.H.W. BUSH, and CARTER!


What an alignment of “stars”!  These six men ran the USA into the ground through their incompetence. No other word for it.  Yes they all had some successes but I firmly believe historians may well weigh their misdeeds in the balance and find them wanting.

I am a firm believer in the theory that Washington is filled with “skaters” both elected and appointed and civil servant. So is corporate American life.

What is a “skater”?    This is a person who skates ahead of the breaking ice and almost ensures those who follow him fall into the freezing cold water of reality. Whether the boomers of the group above fit this definition I think so but may take 20-30 years to verify.

As to the others their contributions good and bad are just now coming into focus!

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1 Response to The BOOMERs Go Bust!

  1. Also a Leo, I met Carter one afternoon up at the Acropolis in Athens as he wallked with folks I would not have chosen to see the Parthenon and later in the week, I saw him in Cairo.

    I consider his most recent backroom door w/Syrians an act of treason – Yes, treason. He did not have the directive of the administration in office to make such visit and his discussions were behind closed doors and not made available to the public as no media was allowed. His distasteful remarks towards the Israelis and his overall demeanor as a past President of the United States has been terrible…

    As far as Bush and his landing and banner as well as his western Bin Laden poster…well, let’s just say, Clinton and this Chicago street organizer in office now have all contributed to this failure of America, our beloved Republic!

    We have allowed these folks and those on bth sides of the aisle with their special interest pals to hoodwink most of Main Street USA!

    Skaters? You bet and w/apparent little if any leadership here or in Europe, the West will again head to real War and millions and millions, dead. Shortly, the Middle East with Egypt and Israel to erupt into calamity all drfiven by the “Brutes of Tehran” as the world once again in history shrugs its shoulders and looks the other way —

    Those born under the sign of Leo are supposedly resourceful, entrepreneurs, leaders…check theiur birth certificates — ’cause the leadership of the greatest nation in the world with its most charitable people is destined for far worse times ahead – that’s a fact!

    If you look at the Republican roster and the Democrats and their partisan ways as well, it is no surprise that the future is truly uncertain — my front porch flag is hoisted upside down – it is time you and your neighbors cnsider the same as the distress we are challenged by here on “Main Street USA” will only get worse as the economy deteriorates — look for 8500 on the dow and 2300 flor the price of gold in the next four weeks — Also, watch the Middle East as the markets have not yet perceived the calamity which will reach from the Middle East into Europe — oil prices will spike and my question, what sign was Truman, for he was a gentleman who took his responsibilities and the Office of The President of the United States seriously —

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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