Japanese Meltdown Continuing!

I have not posted on this subject for a while but worthwhile to do so given constantly new information leaking out of Japan about the March 11th event.

Japan’s Premier Plans to Resign

Published: August 23, 2011

TOKYO (Reuters) — Prime Minister Naoto Kan told his cabinet on Tuesday that he would announce his intention to resign on Friday, Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda said.

Mr. Kan had canceled plans to meet with President Obama in Washington next month. His resignation would set in motion an election within his Democratic Party to choose a successor.

Mr. Kan has faced increasing criticism for his handling of the Japanese government’s response to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in March.

What we now know is that a perhaps decades long exclusion area out to a minimum of 12 miles established. The possibility exists that depositional material was ejected from the reactors well beyond the USA 10 mile EPZ. Looking now as if USA knew all along and documented by the 50 mile exclusion zone established by US military forces immediately after the event.   We also know that a large number of Japanese school children directly contamination and over 10K now wearing dosimetry.

But the largest impact is on the Japanese energy supply with nuclear power being abandoned and return to fossil fuels short or long term. The hit on the Japanese economy will be enormous and perhaps enough to impact world wide energy prices.    THIS IS A HUGE STORY TO FOLLOW CLOSELY!

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  1. Japan’s 116 million coal import tonnage will certainly increase — as a – coal trader – based in Athens, as we see further demand from our supply sources from S. Africa and Indonesia to China, we are preparing for increased demand from Japan — fortunately we have long term established supply.

    As far as US information during the earthquake, it is quite obvious that US information more accurate or more honest in releasing public information – the Japanese populace should indeed be more than upset —


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