The MidAtlantic [Mineral VA] Earthquake

I live near the mouth of the Potomac River where it enters Chesapeake Bay. I live in a concrete block cottage built in stages from 1962-1973!   It shuddered and shook for 30 seconds but withstood any damage. Yet I clearly knew it was an earthquake at once.

Once I knew the epicenter was near the North Anna nuclear power plant reactors I was also happy to hear they successfully SCRAMMED. Because the cooling system needs to continue circulation they went on electric supply from their own emergency generators.


I soon learned that both FEMA and the Pentagon among other departments and  agencies had evacuated their building and OPM approved dismissing employees early causing huge traffic jams. But what if the event was just a precusor?    Why no execution of COOP plans?


Basically an F for the FEDS for this event as far as Preparedness and Response!  IMO  of course.

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  1. says:

    Hopefully Barry’s putt on the MV golf course was not affected ’cause he continues to take his shots in politicizing instead of even attempting any sort of leadership —

    As for preparedness, thank Good we are so Blessed to have so many men and women dedicated in their professional line of duty as police officers, firefighters and EMTs — for we are so very unprepared in so, so many ways —

    This week, an earthquake and a hurricane – indeed interesting….

    Christopher Tingus

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