GPRMA/Strategic Plans and FEMA

The Government Performance and Results Management Act adopted in the 90’s was an attempt to help the Executive Branch better manage itself. I liked it but most departments and agencies never had their minds and hearts in compliance. The Act was amended several years ago and now various organizations teach for a high price government managers about it.

If memory serves [and probably does not] FEMA has gone through 3 full cycles of Strategic Plans and the current on is found below:


Always good to prepare strategic plans even if later modified or superseded!

HOW DO YOU THINK FEMA IS DOING?  Congress does not care and has never held an oversight hearing on FEMA’s Strategic Plans and has never asked GAO to review them or their implications.


Quick pop Quiz?   How does the FEMA Strategic Plan address the Obama Administrations RESILIENCE intiative?


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One Response to GPRMA/Strategic Plans and FEMA

  1. Let’s face it folks, the nation is broke, FEMA is broke and our beloved Republic is led by inept and elected and “entrusted” leadership which should be recalled and any and all should be under strict term limits from local, state and federal posts —

    As of 1st November, I will be establishing “Embrace Your Fellow American Neighbor” where We here on Main Street USA will portray our resilience and Love of Nation and its most charitable people by my starting up non-profit entity whereby We clasp hands in pledge to help neighbor and formulate emergency plans and assistance to enable us to be less dependent on a government comprised of Democrats and Republicans whose only agenda is their self serving ways —

    Christopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich, MA 02645 USA

    *Donations can be dated 1st November 2011 and made out to EYFAN and mailed to the address herein — thank you.

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