Six (6) Days to A Decade of Activity Since 9/11/01

The focus of this blog is domestic USA issues, activities, events, and policies.  Thus for the next six days including today will focus on what I think are the most significant items in the last decade.

But first focus on one foreign event, specifically the Arab Spring in the MENA [middle-east/N. Africa]!   For the cause of that event I think the self-immolation of a citizen of Tunisia and the development of WEB 2.0 are most responsible. Not the policies and activities of the radical Islamisists or the policies and activities of USA. I am still unsure of what that amazing outbreak of popular sentiment will finally bring but very significant even if it largely fails. Only a decade from now will we understand fully its implications or the implications of the warfighting conducted by the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Domestically the most significant federal action taken against terrorism domestic or foreign was the growing competence of the Treasury Departments efforts to trace and disrupt the financial activities of terrorists.  Clearly domestic and foreign law enforcement had some significant successes. But I think that the armed interventions of the USA to prevent, disrupt, and destroy the terrorists will be view largely as a well-intentioned but failed policy.

Time will tell!






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