True Size of Africa

Posted: 06 Sep 2011 05:00 AM PDT

Crazy cool map:

click for ginormous version



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  1. Indeed,. impressive and so our efforts at Pure Water Corporation ( – based in Vancouver addressing a host of prerequisite waste water and water purification project developments whether in Ghana, Rwanda or throughout the cntinent reaching out w/local partnering to assist the so many who truly deserve as fellow human beings a clean glass of water — Globally, we at PWC know that nearly 1 billion, yes, 1 billion fellow human beings have no access to a clean glass of water tooday. Imagine that…no, I bet you cannot even fathom this incredible stat in a world with so much abundance….

    At the present, we are in the process of visitation to Africa and India. We are in the funding process to identlfy the necessary funds to help us move in a more expeditious manner to address these many, many projects and PWC will do so partnering w/locals.

    This map tells much and it is time to help the good people of Africa develop their own resources which will help soo many — write PWC a “humanitarian” loan check, not a grant, not a hand out, but a direct lan too enable us to do more — so many depend on us and you!

    Call William Danshin, CEO of Pure Water Corporation and help him (PWC) to lend much needed assistance to so many who are at peril daily….

    Bill’s Vancuver based office contact tel#360-450-3659….William knows the water business better than most for he has been addressing global water issues for nearly 20 years….

    Christopher Tingus
    Global Water Solutions, Inc.

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