Judgement at Nuremberg–The Movie

About every 5 years since its release in 1961 I watch the movie JUDGEMENT  at Nuremberg–starring Spencer Tracey, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Maxmillian Schell, Marelene Dietrich, and others.


Why post about this movie now, and recently about Fascism?    My view of government is that its purpose is to assist those govern in succeeding in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Those Jeffersonian goals stated in the Declaration of Independence.

I fear that FASCISM may well be upon US. Even the occurrence of ethnic  cleansing, perhaps focused on Muslims or Mexicans or others.

The movie stands for the civil rights and liberties of each individual to be preserved against the power of the STATE!  Since 9/11 the STATE seems to me to have resorted to warfare and militarization of society and law enforcement to little effect.

The bottom line is that we may well destroy our own liberties just as the Germans did in 1933.

I would argue that democratic norms even now are violated by many in politics. Those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind.

Science is challenged as bearing the bad news many do not want to hear.  Even the arts are threatened. Multiculturalism is criticized as a bad choice when it is simple demographics.

Education is threatened by those who fear an educated voter.

I hope I am wrong but time will tell perhaps as soon as November 2012.


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