Quick Take on Current Events!

First!  The by elections in NYC and Nevada are very significant. Looks like further erosion of DEMS in 2012 elections with Senate going Republican and DEMS losing even more seats in HOUSE. An historic collapse of a major party. ONLY some kind of Republican folly can save them but that is unlikely since the DEMS hold the Executive Branch for now. Yes the REPUBLICANS out to destroy the government and the country but then that is what Adolph Hitler did in 1933 and following years.  The USA and world is about to see the catastrophic impact of the destruction of WASHINGTON’s concensus on world and domestic issues largely because greed driven lobbies strive to maintain the status quo that favors them and the top 1%.  The economic royalists have won but only for a short time as the system that even though twisted collapses.

The Arab Spring may bear some fruit but not much. SALEH looks like he is finally out in YEMEN. And Libya looks like it may survive MQ and his reign. Jordan unfortunately is foundering and looks like a goner to me in next year.

The deficit super Committee will not reach concensus so $1.4Trillion in cuts may well take place.

Greece will leave EU and go back to the Drachma after default. China will not bail out the EU or Italy.

GM will wind up in next two years. So will at least one of the Too-big-to-fail banks. Perhaps BOFA and its lay off of 30,000 just a start.


The federal BP report will support the DOJ lawsuits against BP and looks more and more to me like BP’s USA run is about over.


The decade after concensus on 9/11 is in and largely concludes  USA wasted its assets in that decade long effort on the GWOT!


Until  next time!


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One Response to Quick Take on Current Events!

  1. Christopher Tingus says:

    Unfortunately a scary ride down the global economic slide for billions of flks as we become entangled once again in War and this next, much far greater suffering on a larger scale if one can even imagine the fact that humanity continues in its dysfunctional, self-serving ways and once again the German led EU fast deployment army will have an opportunity with its cohort, the Vatican by its side, as Germany and the Vatican embattle Islam and folks, no one will win this quest to control Jerusalem, it has been so Written!

    Whatever happened to America’s Will to fight for freedom? The “Brutes of Tehran” have so much on their hands of our youth in uniform and We now have information that these thugs planned an attack on US interests, lets deploy and rid the world of Lucifer for they care nothing about the goodness of humanity, only seeking the demise of not only our beloved Republic, but innocent folks everywhere….While most understand that the “partisan beltway bandits” have no backbone to declare a certainly justified “War” on Tehran, let’s not fret too much about what the “KGB Putinites” may do if We took such swift action as they, too know that these thugs must be dealt a swift kick! Anyone willing to kill and to choose evil action against another creation of the Creator is inherent with only evil ways and God is witness to all! Let me say, America and other nations too have not been without violent and deceitfull action, so let’s not believe for a moment that many of this nation’s decisions have been without victim and harm to other…We must all repent and We must all seek peaceful manner and surely not stepping on the boundaries of another nation or way of Life w/o truly understanding that any such decision-making indeed imposes responsibility as well as ramifications,often not to our liking, yet reality….

    Read the Bible, read the Qu’ran, surely the Palestinian needs to live with Hope and yes, next door to Hebrew, however even while I, too have walked the streets of Hebron and Jericho and have friends on both sides, surely we can find a better way to not necessarily embrace one another, but to figure this out without all these weapons being amassed and far too many good intentioned and proud people around the world suffer the consequences of greedy and self-serving governments leading us to strife and unimagineable anguish!

    Let’s try and Respect one another’s differences and stop stepping on each other’s feet….Instead of using weapons, maybe we could begin to attentively listen to one another and strive to find solution to a host of concerns, some held generation to generation.

    Christoopher Tingus
    PO Box 1612
    Harwich (Cape Cod), MA 02645 USA

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