Fiscal Year 2012 Begins in 10 days!

Once again the Executive Branch will be under a Continuing Resolution [CR] for the start of Fiscal Year 2012 beginning on October 1st. So more evidence that Congerss cannot function as designed. The Authorization committees now have little real power except disclosure of problems because the Appropriators can authorize new programs, whack old programs, in the various appropriations bills or worse in the annual CRs!

This all started with the Omnibus Reconciliation bill in President Reagan’s first term and has led to the decline in Congressional oversight, party factionalism and basically destruction of good governance.

Well IMO where there is at least a semblance of democracy the people are ultimately responsible for their government. Anti-incumbency has ruled the last several national elections and may happen again. But as readers of this blog know I believe that the DEMS and the Republicans are now in a race to see which party can go completely out of business first. While it looks like the DEMS in the lead and the 2012 election could be quite disastrous, losing both the WH and the Senate, I don’t believe by 2016 or 2020 the Republicans will be in any better shape. The Independents now determine national election outcomes and few pollsters spend time on them. In fact many pollsters don’t even try.

What is interesting to me is that very few areas of governance now appear successful [whether they are or not is very unclear] and few initiatives in WASHINGTON likely to succeed.  The danger of the man on the White Horse will grow over the next decade as democracy flounders in the USA!


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